Texas Dems tried to pull a fast one on Republicans, the American people, and Governor Greg Abbott – but in the end, their little stunt failed.


Dems in the Texas House actually got up and walked off the floor of the House chamber last month, breaking quorum and stopping Republicans from passing election reforms, as well as a bail reform legislation that Governor Abbott wanted.

Of course, typical Dems…they don’t get what they want, so they take their ball and they go home.

Well, after the stunt, Abbott was furious.

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So much so, that Abbott vowed to defund the legislative branch for “abandoning their responsibilities.”

And that’s exactly what he did…

Daily Wire reported that Abbott vetoed funding for the state legislature on Friday, carrying out the threat he made last month after Democrats staged a walk-out to block legislation.

“Texans don’t run from a legislative fight, and they don’t walk away from unfinished business,” Abbott said in a statement Friday. “Funding should not be provided for those who quit their job early, leaving their state with unfinished business and exposing taxpayers to higher costs for an additional legislative session. I, therefore, object to and disapprove of these appropriations.”


Abbott vetoed Article 10 of the state budget approved by the legislature Friday. Article 10 not only funds lawmakers’ salaries, but also the salaries of staff and maintenance workers, and it funds legislative agencies such as the Legislative Reference Library.

Abbott’s veto of Article 10 is unprecedented, according to the Legislative Reference Library. Similarly, the Democrats’ walk-out in May to stop legislation that was otherwise primed to pass is a move that has rarely been done in Texas politics.


Good. It’s about dan time these communist Dems, who want to turn every election into a mail-in ballot scam, are actually held responsible for their actions.

And it doesn’t surprise me that it was the GREAT state of Texas that held their feet to the fire.

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