A new Jan 6th piece from Revolver.news lit the entire internet on fire.


In the piece, the author, a former Trump speechwriter, theorizes that the FBI actually had a hand in planning the January 6th melee, due to the number of unindicted co-conspirators involved. It’s a great piece, and I encourage you to read it.

Tucker also did a segment on it, and the left literally went into a full-blown meltdown.

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The Dems and media did their typical “freakout” session – calling it a “conspiracy theory” and saying the theory is “baseless.”

It was all the same stuff they said about anyone who questioned the Russia probe, the “lab-leak” theory in China, and any mention of Hydroxychloroquine…all the stuff that has now been proven correct…so, you’ll excuse me while I ignore the left’s usual cries of “conspiracy,” because all that is, is government propaganda, and if anything, it proves Revolver’s point.

The media hasn’t “investigated” anything regarding Jan. 6th, they’re just pushing lefty talking points.

How can you say a theory is “baseless” 20 minutes after it’s published? Don’t you need to do some intense research and investigative work and show all the steps you made to get to your point?


That’s what our news used to do – that’s called “journalism.” But that’s now how things work nowadays with this CIA-style propaganda media machine.

The Revolver piece and Tucker’s subsequent segment have thrown the left into a complete tizzy. They need this “January 6th insurrection” narrative for a lot of reasons. Mainly to hit President Trump with if/when he decides to run in 2024.

However, their plot to do that keeps hitting snags – Dems call Jan. 6th “worse than 9/11.” which is laughable – Dems once again overplayed their hand – they have the all the right propaganda “words,” when it comes to 1/6, but they don’t have the facts to back up those words – and at some point, that starts to matter.

So, now Dems are in a totally desperate state of mind, and they know that they must hit back against the “FBI theory,” so they’ve trotted out bat-sh*t crazy Mad Max to push a new and wildly insane theory that the Trump “campaign” actually planned the melee.


You can watch the video below:

Maxine Waters on who was behind the Capitol Riot: “I’m told there was organizing take place right in the Trump campaign!” pic.twitter.com/b2oACfmLFZ

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) June 19, 2021

Well, Mad Max, if that were actually the case, I kinda think you would have been able to impeach President Trump, right?

Did you forget there was a trial where all you supposed “evidence” was laid out?

Once again, Dems weren’t able to impeach Trump because he had nothing to do with the melee – but trust me – if there was even a hint of this to be true, Dems would have used to derisory President Trump.

But there wasn’t. It’s all hogwash.


So, in the end, what Waters is doing is worse than any silly “conspiracy theory” – she’s actually pushing CIA-style propaganda to the masses – which again, really makes that Revolver piece seem more and more credible, right?

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