If the GOP takes back the House in 2022, as many believe they will, there’s a move that Republicans can make that would shake Pelosi, Biden, and all of DC to its core.


They could “crown” President Tump the Speake of the House.

Will it happen?

Some say it just might, and that’s why Trump is getting ready to hit the rally circuit again.

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Bizpaceview reported that Matt Schlapp claimed that there’s “buzz out there” around the idea of former President Donald Trump being “crowned” speaker of the House if Republicans retake the legislative body in 2022 — and he wasn’t joking.

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, offered the surprising claim while speaking with Newsmax host John Bachman.

Starting off the discussion, Bachman said he believes “the road to 2022” starts in Ohio, where the former president intends to hold his first post-presidential rally on June 26th.

“I think the road to 2022 really starts in Columbus, Ohio, because we’re going to see one of the kind of the classic Trump rallies. I imagine there’s going to be a massive crowd there. Trump’s also going to go to Tampa, Florida, and the border,” he said.


He then asked Schlapp, whose wife, Mercedes Schlapp, was a senior Trump administration official, how excited he feels about the return of these rallies.

“His travel is coinciding with these different congressional races. There’s a lot of buzz out there that Donald Trump would even be potentially someone they crown as the speaker of the House if the Republicans get the majority back,” Schlapp said.

He cautioned however that this isn’t a confirmed fact, though he did argue that it inspires “an interesting conversation about Trump inserting himself in the fight for the Republicans to get back the majority.”

This would be the most epic political move in all of history.


That’s why we need to get rid of as many RINOs as possible in 2022.

As I’ve said a million times, those RINOs are the biggest enemies standing in our way of winnng.

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