Biden has officially jumped the shark, folks.

His odd behavior, which the left has passed off as humous, cute, and a “childhood stutter,” has now crossed the line into being downright disturbing, and not even CNN can defend him at this point.


During a recent segment, CNN absolutely lambasted Biden for his pathetic and bizarre antics in Switzerland, where his aides were so overbearing while he was answering questions that some apparently have been screaming at him to “STOP” while he’s trying to speak to the press.

This is absolutely degrading, both on a human level and also for the image of our county.

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It’s just downright embarassing.

Watch the video:

CNN on Biden: “I have never seen a president… who is so protected by his aides in terms of often not wanting him to answer some questions.”

— Abigail Marone (@abigailmarone) June 16, 2021


It’s unclear if CNN is doing this to try and distance themselves from this distaster or if they truly believe what they’re saying.

Of course, it’s not only CNN cringing at Biden’s G7 performance, our friends across the pond also finding his behavior to be laughable.

From The New York Post

President Biden embarrassed himself at the G-7 summit when he tried to correct British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for not introducing “the president of South Africa” — even though Johnson already did so by name.

The blooper — one of several Biden made amid the series of meetings with world leaders — prompted laughter at his expense at the start of a roundtable discussion in Cornwall, England.

The awkward incident took place on Saturday, according to Sky News, which posted a video clip and a transcript online.

After mentioning how the visiting dignitaries had brought “some pretty spectacular weather with them,” Johnson introduced Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Clearly this man needs to just hang is hat and put his career in politics to rest.

Every day, “President Harris” becomes a bigger and bigger possiblilty – although, she’s almost as bumbling and dumb as he is.

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