You likely know by now that Joe Biden was busted with “flashcards” at his overseas presser.


In case you haven’t, I’ve got the video for you below.

I mean it’s not that big of a shock, really.

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If you were a Handler for Joe, would you let that poor buffoon out in public without every safety net on earth in place?

That’s why I think they probably have him wired with an earpiece – and that was pretty much proven the other day when Biden had a 10-sec0nd “moment of silence” that looked like he was listening to someone talking in his ear.

And speaking of talking in his ear…

This is a funny parody of Biden’s “audio feed” while wearing an earpiece, but hey, it might not be far from the truth.


The bottom line is that Joe is a wild card. He has his semi-good days, where he might just forget his name or something, and then he has his really bad days, where his brain just gives out completely.

After all, we remember all the times Joe forgot who he was.

Remember during the primary when Biden kept telling everyone he was running for Senate?


It happened a few times…

And keeping that in mind, one savvy Trump supporter caught something kinda interesting on those infamous Biden flashcards.

Take a look at the very top of the flashcard…It has Joe’s so-called title written out: “The President”

Here’s what that savvy Trump supporter said: “Quick thinking by the staff to remind him who he is now at the very top of every card”

Yep, quick-thinking indeed…

Quick thinking by the staff to remind him who he is now at the very top of every card

— Oilfield Rando (@Oilfield_Rando) June 15, 2021

Do you think they have it that way in case Biden forgets what his title is?

100 percent. 


I think Biden is a helluva lot worse than we realize – and we realize it’s really bad – but it’s worse than even that – and I imagine the stuff the Handlers have to do behind the scenes to keep up “appearances” must be overwhelming.

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