Just when you think things can’t possibly get worse for Bumbling Biden overseas, karma comes along and says “Oh, we’re not done yet” and drops yet another disaster in our laps.


I know you already know about the non-stop blunders, confusion, brain-freezes, and aimlessly wandering and shuffling around, and how Joe confused Syria with Libya three times, never once correcting himself.

You also likely know that he held a disastrous presser in Belgium, a few days ahead of his meeting with Putin.

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Over 100 reporters were waiting for Joe, and he was nearly 3 hours late, with no excuse why given.

When he arrived, he botched the questions and only called on 5 pre-planned/approved reporters, saying he’d “get in trouble” if he called on anyone else – a common and very disturbing thing Joe says almost every time he’s in from of reporters.

Well, now, things just got worse for Sloppy, Sleepy, Confused Joe.

A camera caught him holding “flashcards” with anti-Tump talking points.

You can watch the video below:

Joe Biden needs a flash card to remind him that he thinks everything is Trump’s fault.

How pathetic. pic.twitter.com/5SRHUDf7z5

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) June 15, 2021

So, the situation is so bad for Joe, that he actually needs to be reminded with childlike “flashcards” of all the anti-Trump talking points his Handlers cook up?

None of these pressers are “real.” It’s all staged, top to bottom.


I will tell you what – it has to be EXHAUSTING to work behind the scenes to make it look like this buffoon is running the country.

This laughable admin really is looking exactly like “Weekend at Bernie’s” and the only ones suffering are the American people.

Joe doesn’t even know what’s happening…he’s wandering around, completely oblivious, just hoping he doesn’t get in “trouble.”

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