It’s been eight months since CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin humiliated himself in the most graphic way possible.

If you don’t remember, Toobin exposed himself during a now-infamous Zoom call and was immediately shunned after his co-workers at The New Yorker saw his private bits.


But surprisingly, CNN, who placed Toobin on leave after the incident, has now brought him back and his return was beyond pathetic.

Check it out:

My interview with @JeffreyToobin

— Alisyn Camerota (@AlisynCamerota) June 10, 2021

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This has gotta be CNN’s most desperate move and lowest point in quite a while.

Why on earth can’t they just find another legal analyst?

It’s not like Jeffry Toobin was all that great anyway.

Needless to say, CNN is being rightfully lambasted all over the place – but I found the best “lambasting” clip yet.

It’s a hilarious parody video that really highlights just how ridiculous CNN is.

The woman in the video is pretending to be a CNN producer giving Alissyn Camerota pointers during her interview with Toobin.

This is really good stuff – caution for some “mature language.”

Watch the video:


This truly will go down as one of CNN’s dumbest decisions.

Clearly, it’s just another ploy to get more PR attention.

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