I just noticed something very interesting.


You know how the media and the Dems are constantly telling us that Republicans and Trump are “misogynists” and how they’re the party of “women” and how they always accuse the GOP of trying to take down and destroy “strong women” etc.?

Well, think about this – the Dems and CNN are gleefully attacking Kamala Harris for her cruddy and embarrassing foreign policy trip to Guatemala and Mexico – as a matter of fact, CNN was so disgusted by it, they actually called it “cringeworthy.” The host of the segment even made a “sour face” as footage of Kamala botching border questions rolled.

They didn’t hold back.

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And WH staff was reportedly “disappointed” and “confused” by Harris’s terrible performance and rumors are floating that they have “buyers remorse.” There have been articles everywhere – in mainstream media – that Kamala bombed.

And here’s the “curious” part…

The same media and WH who are going after Kamala right now, have nothing negative to say about Joe Biden’s worse – literally disastrous – performance at the G7 Summit.

It was historically bad. It was worse than “cringeworthy” by A LOT.

Yet, the media is silent…that’s pretty wild stuff coming from a party that calls everyone else misogynists and claims to be fighting for “women’s empowerment.”


It doesn’t jive, right?

Now, I’m not saying Kamala didn’t deserve all the criticism that she got – because she did…it’s just odd how Joe deserved more criticism and got none.

And speaking of that (rightful) criticism, here’s the clip where CNN really tears into Kamala.

You can watch the video below:

For some reason, the mainstream media is now hell-bent on protecting Joe and hanging Kamala out to dry.

This is a stunning reversal of course from the earlier days when we were told that Kamala was “brighter” and “smarter” than Joe, and the admin would be called the “Biden/Harris” admin, as a tribute to her.

This new messaging is particularly confusing because if the Handlers were planning on making the so-called “swap,” they’d be using their media stooges to pump up Kamala, not tear her down.


This leads me to believe that any previous plans of “replacing” Joe are no longer on the table for whatever reason – which is also rather stunning since his mental health appears to be deteriorating at rapid speed before our very eyes.

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