As you likely know by now, Kamala Harris absolutely bombed her first “real” mission as the so-called “VP.”


But it wasn’t just a little flub, it was an all-out kamikaze mission, where Kamala dive-bombed herself into the bowels of political hell.

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It was so bad,  that between her weakness when telling migrants not to come to the border to her nasty behavior when reporters asked her if she was ever planning to go to the actual US border, that White House Handlers now have to send out a “cleanup crew” to fix things.

However, all of this goes a lot deeper than Kamala just “botching” a few responses or quesstions.

Blogger Don Suber explained that Central American leaders worked with President Trump to stem the flow north. Biden put out the welcome mat. Biden’s open borders policy irks the leaders of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

In an interview on Fox, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei ripped the Democrat White House for weak messaging. Hence the White House’s quick action to call in someone from the bullpen.

Putting Kamala in charge of the border was a mistake because she is an affirmative action hire whose incompetence is matched only by her arrogance.

Her first trip abroad was strictly amateur hour.


She sounded like a little girl as she said, “do not come, do not come.” She embarrassed the White House. The Daily Mail reported, “Even the Biden administration appears to be baffled by Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala and Mexico to address the border crisis.

“White House insiders were ‘perplexed’ by her answers to her questions over whether she would visit the Rio Grande and ‘hoped her first foreign trip would be a success’, CNN reported.

So now, the White House needs to send out a “fixer” to mop up the mess that Kamala made, and they’ve chosen a real doozy.

The person who is now tasked with cleaning up Kamala’s mess is none other than Samantha Powers…who is also a complete mess, herself.

Here’s what the press release said:

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Samantha Power will travel to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala from June 13-17 to advance USAID’s efforts to help address the governance, economic, and security challenges that are driving Central Americans to migrate north.

While in the region, Administrator Power will deliver a speech on democracy and meet with civil society representatives, governments, and business leaders to underscore the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to fight corruption and support civil society. The Administrator’s itinerary also includes meetings with youth and marginalized groups, as well as visits to USAID economic growth and agriculture programs. In addition, the Administrator will visit people affected by severe drought and Hurricanes Eta and Iota, and will meet with families receiving humanitarian assistance from USAID.

Have you ever heard of a third-string flunkie having to step in to help save “VP?”

This is unheard of.

This admin is looking more and more like yet another sequel to that “Dumb and Dumber” movie.


Their ineptitude would be funny if it wasn’t doing so much real damage to our country and the American people.

They’ll never convince me that 82 million people voted for this Gong Show – I don’t care what they say.

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