Joe Biden and his handlers are in jolly ol’ England right now for the G-7 globalist summit, where elites have gathered to find new and creative ways to destroy the middle-class.


The trip thus far has been yet another episode of the Biden Gong Show.

Joe and Jill have been shuffling around the country like a confused, lost couple on vacation. Joe’s been dodging questions from the foreign press because we all know he can’t respond to anything unless it’s written down for him, and even then, it’s still a crapshoot.

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But this one clip I just happened upon, is probably his most “dazed and confused” moment yet.

Biden appears to be at some sort of meeting or gathering with his family – it’s hard to tell – when a member of the press asks him how his meetings are going.

Very simple, straightforward question…Nothing fancy or confusing…yet, even so, Biden can’t seem to field it.

Joe, who looks absolutely befuddled and zoned out, has to ask the woman to repeat herself.


But it’s Joe’s body language is what really says it all…He’s shuffling and moving very cautiously, and at one point, it’s so bad, that a “handler” (maybe a granddaughter) has to come over and take his arm to help prod him along.

You can watch the video below:

Lost in Space

— SgtPepper1964 (@SPepper1964) June 12, 2021

This is the so-called “leader of the free world,” folks.

A confused, shuffling old man, who needs help to walk, and can’t understand basic questions.


I’m sure Putin is shaking in his boots at the thought of having to meet face-to-face with this strapping alpha leader, right?

God help us.

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