20 Hot OTCs — Including 15 Up Over 50% in a Day

The bubble market madness continues. On February 8, there were so many plays I literally couldn’t keep up. The number of hot OTCs was CRAZY!

Just after 2:30 p.m. I looked at my top percent gainer scan and saw 16 hot OTCs up over 50% on the day. Another four OTCs were up between 44% and 47%. And these stocks weren’t thinly traded. Every stock was trading huge volume. Some of them had traded hundreds of millions of shares.

This is NOT a normal market.

But I’ll take it.

Check it out … This is the list of stocks. 15 of the 20 closed up over 50%. None closed less than 37% higher than the previous day. And they’re not even all the stocks I’m watching right now.

Note that this is just a list of stocks to watch. Always do your own research and due diligence before every trade. Learn from this insane action.

This truly is a wild market…

20 Hot OTCs to Watch

Now check out the charts for the top closers…

4 Hot OTCs That Closed Up Over 100%

Therapeutic Solutions International Inc. (OTCPK: TSOI)

Therapeutic Solutions is developing a range of immune-modulatory agents to treat specific diseases.

TSOI spiked after the company reported positive preliminary data on a cancer treatment.

Here’s the TSOI 100-day chart:

Dark Pulse Inc. (OTCPK: DPLS)

Dark Pulse is a tech-security company focused on laser sensing systems. Its tech is used for border security, railroad, energy, aviation and mine safety.

DPLS spiked on news the company is building a manufacturing and engineering facility in Tempe, Arizona

Check out the DPLS 100-day chart:

Innerscope Hearing Technologies Inc. (OTCPK: INND)

Innerscope Hearing Technologies is a manufacturer of hearing aids.

INND ran 345% last week. That got the attention of a popular penny stock website that featured it on a watchlist on Monday. The stock spiked more than 129%.

Here’s the INND 100-day chart:

Social Life Network Inc. (OTCPK: WDLF)

Social Life Network is an AI and blockchain powered social network and e-commerce platform for the cannabis industry.

WDLF spiked on February 5 after the company filed this 8-K. The filing updates shareholders about the company’s debt status. It continued to run on Monday.

Check out the WDLF 100-day chart:

6 Hot OTCs That Closed Up Over 70%

It’s crazy that there are this many runners. It truly is a GREAT market environment.

Exxe Group Inc (OTCPK: AXXA)

Exxe Group is a real estate, fintech, and private equity company. The stock is a bitcoin and blockchain sympathy play.

AXXA spiked 99% on Monday when bitcoin hit all-time highs after Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth.

Here’s the AXXA 100-day chart:

Viper Networks, Inc. (OTCPK: VPER)

Viper Networks is a manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting.

The company is ‘dark or defunct’ on OTC Markets. But a February 5 tweet implied an update to ‘current’ is underway. VPER spiked 92% on Monday.

Here’s the VPER 100-day chart:

Strikeforce Technologies Inc. (OTCPK: SFOR)

Strikeforce is a cybersecurity company. Its products provide two-factor authentication and keystroke encryption.

SFOR spiked after this press release promoting a podcast. On the podcast, the CEO talked about potential video conference security using the company’s software.

Check out the SFOR 100-day chart:

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc (OTCPK: ASTI)

Ascent Solar Technologies designs and manufactures flexible solar panels and other solar tech.

ASTI has been running since January when the company announced completion of a financing round. There’s also solar sector momentum.

Here’s the ASTI 100-day chart:

Hemp Inc (OTCPK: HEMP)

Hemp Inc. is an industrial hemp manufacturing company offering eco-friendly alternatives to petroleum-based products.

HEMP started running last week on talk of relaxing federal marijuana laws. A weekend tweet from Senator Schumer (D-NY) helped marijuana sector momentum this week.

Check out the HEMP 100-day chart:

Global Technologies Ltd (OTCPK: GTLL)

Global Technologies Ltd is a CBD and hemp eCommerce company.

GTLL had a multi-week and intraday breakout on February 5. It spiked 72% on Monday.

Here’s the GTLL 100-day chart:

A word of caution before you trade any of these stocks…

Higher and Faster Junk Is Still Junk

I often call myself a glorified history teacher. There’s a reason…

These kinds of runs won’t last forever. Those charts look beautiful. And if you use StocksToTrade, check the social media search tool. You’ll find a ton of so-called “due diligence” on why these stocks should keep running.

(I’m an investor in StocksToTrade and helped design it to fit the penny stocks I love to trade.)

Here’s my take…

Do whatever you need to do to get the most out of this market. If you’re an experienced trader, you know what I mean. If you’re still learning, use this hot market to learn more, faster. In a hot market, you get to see running stocks day after day. Learn from them.

Are you ready to learn? Check it out…

Trading Education Resources

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Will the next hot market be your time?

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What do you think of the crazy number of hot OTCs in this market? Comment below, I love to hear from all my readers!

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