Top Stocks to Watch Today: Thursday, January 21

With so many stocks running in this hot market, how do you know which stocks to watch today? 

There are thousands of publicly traded companies on the U.S. markets … And it seems like all of them are running right now. That might be a slight exaggeration, but seriously, there are SO many opportunities!

Now’s the time to maximize every day and learn as much as you can.

It’s not just about picking hot stocks to watch today or following someone’s hot picks. If you want to make it in the markets you have to learn to think for yourself.

And it’s my goal as a teacher for all my students to become self-sufficient traders. So learn from my watchlists. Let’s dig in and check what I’m watching today. But first…

10 Stocks to Watch for Thursday, January 21, 2021

Remember that these are stocks to watch. Never blindly buy or follow anyone’s stock picks — including mine.

Watch them for a pattern that fits your strategy and always have a trading plan for every trade. Here are some resources to help you get started:

If you’ve been following my blog and lessons, you know I love to trade low-priced stocks. (To learn more about trading penny stocks, get my FREE guide here.) 

But this post isn’t just about cheap stocks — it includes stocks that match my search criteria. How do I find these stocks for my watchlist? Read on to find out.

Here are my 10 top stocks to watch today…

Stocks to Watch Today #1: Titan Medical Inc. (NASDAQ: TMDI)

Titan Medical designs and develops computer-assisted robotic surgical technologies.

On January 20, the stock had a multi-month breakout over $2 and went as high as $3.18 per share. I’ll watch for consolidation and a break over the $3.18 high.

Stocks to Watch Today #2: Tiziana Life Sciences PLC (NASDAQ: TLSA)

TLSA was trading high volume on January 20 and had its first green day. The stock is close to a multi-month breakout over $5.44. It’s also a former runner. It had a big two-day run in July 2020 when it went from the $4s to the $12s.

The company recently announced its uplisting from the AIM Stock Exchange to the main London Stock Exchange. That’s like a U.S. company uplisting from OTCs to the Nasdaq or NYSE.

It also announced its CEO will participate in a fireside chat at the B. Riley Virtual Oncology Investor Conference on January 21.

Stocks to Watch Today #3: Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ONTX)

The president and CEO of the company presented a company overview at a virtual conference on January 19 and 20. That could generate some interest in the company.

The chart has a breakout level set up around 86 cents and the recent high of 95 cents. If it breaks above that I’ll be watching to see how the stock reacts to the $1 level. This stock’s also a former runner.

But the company recently did a stock offering so be cautious of more stock dilution if you trade this stock.

Stocks to Watch Today #4: Tellurian Inc. (NASDAQ: TELL)

Tellurian is an oil and gas company. Before the March oil price crash, the stock was trading in the $6s. Since then, it hit lows in the 60-cent range. It’s climbing back now. TELL traded high volume on January 15 and broke above the multi-month resistance level of $2.

I’ll watch for the stock to hold the breakout level and retest the recent high of $2.93.

Stocks to Watch Today #5: Polar Power, Inc. (NASDAQ: POLA)

Polar Power is in the hot solar sector. It’s been slowly trending up since its big two-day move in late September 2020. On January 15 the stock had a huge breakout and went from $10 to $15.57 on high volume.

The stock is consolidating and I’ll watch for a breakout above the $15.57 high. It could have more volatile moves since it has a low float of just over five million shares and is in a hot sector.

Stocks to Watch Today #6: Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NASDAQ: ADMP)

On January 20, ADMP announced it submitted an investigational new drug application with the FDA to further study the potential use of its product as a treatment for COVID-19.

That day the stock traded high volume and had a breakout over the $1.50 area.

Stocks to Watch Today #7: Ozop Energy Solutions, Inc. (OTCPK: OZSC)

OZSC is a multi-day runner, going from just over a penny per share to 6 cents a share in four days. It dipped back to the 2-cent range and has started to bounce.

I’ll watch the stock for continuation back to its recent high of $0.065.

Stocks to Watch Today #8: Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNCR)

SNCR is a technology company that provides platforms and solutions for cloud, digital, and messaging.

This company doesn’t have recent news, but on January 20 the stock traded high volume.  It had a breakout over the $5 area and made a high of $6.02.

I’ll watch for the $5 breakout level to hold and for the stock to bounce back to the $6s.

Stocks to Watch Today #9: Iterum Therapeutics plc (NASDAQ: ITRM)

Iterum Therapeutics is in the hot biotech sector. There’s no recent news on the company, but the CEO did provide a company overview and business update at a virtual conference the week of January 11–14. That could create more interest in the company and bring in volume…

Whatever the reason, the stock traded high volume on January 20 and had its first green day. I’ll watch for the high volume to continue and a breakout over the $2 area. The next resistance area is $2.40.

Stocks to Watch Today #10: Transportation and Logistics Systems, Inc. (OTCPK: TLSS)

This is another former runner and a multi-day runner. This stock was on my daily watchlist for subscribers back in late December when it started its run.

TLSS is consolidating. I’ll watch for it to continue to its recent high of $0.095 and possibly break above it if there’s a catalyst.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Stocks to Watch Today

How Can Beginners Trade Penny Stocks?

I recommend every new trader starts building a knowledge account before trading. Study everything you can, watch the market in real time, and paper trade before you risk your hard-earned cash.

What Should I Look for When Buying Penny Stocks?

I look for penny stocks that are spiking on news. And I like stocks that have high volume so I can trade in and out quickly.

How Do I Find Penny Stocks Under $1?

I use StocksToTrade scanners to find penny stocks under $1. You can use one of its 40+ built-in scans or customize your own based on your trading criteria.


Remember to only use this list of stocks to watch as a guide. Dig deeper into why these stocks are on my watchlist. Use all my trading resources to build your trading education.

I want you to become self-sufficient.

I’m just training wheels. And I’ve had the privilege of working with many top traders in my Trading Challenge. It’s a proud moment for me when they prove they don’t need me anymore. They take my lessons and strategies and make them their own.

If you want to get the same education as those top traders, apply for my Trading Challenge. I don’t accept everyone. Honestly, I don’t have time for anyone who only wants to be spoon-fed ‘hot’ stock picks.

I teach the trading process, mindset, strategies, and patterns to help my students find their own way in the markets. If that’s your goal as a trader, apply today.

What do you think about these top stocks to watch today? Do you see potential trades? Let me know in the comments … I’d love to hear from you! 

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