By Samantha Renck

Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Samantha Renck about why he did not vote to impeach President Donald Trump, his thoughts on what contributed to the Capitol riot and more.

“The Democrats drafted articles of impeachment which I believed were flawed,” Roy said. “They focused in very specifically on incitement and connecting that to insurrection, which are very specific legal terms and actually have very important meaning in our society.”

“When you start doing that and you start attributing to statements uttered by, particularly public officials, but anyone really, as being incitement then that’s a very dangerous road to go down,” he said.

Roy discussed what he believed was impeachable conduct by the president.

“[President Trump] said, about Mike Pence, that he should do the right thing with respect to, frankly, unilaterally deciding not to count the electors that were going to be put in front of him,” Roy said. “He was saying that he should do that or we won’t be ‘happy about it.’”

“The president was asking the vice president of the United States, who works in his administration as the vice president, who has an oath under the constitution to follow the constitution, and the president was asking him to ignore that and to fail to do his job.”

Roy also discussed what he believes contributed to the civil unrest and riot at the U.S. Capitol building, how to restore trust in the electoral system and more.

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