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Biden Memo Outlines First Ten Days of Socialism Under Joe Biden

By Jared Dyson

Throughout his campaign, Joe Biden claimed that he was not a socialist. He claimed that his campaign was one for all-Americans and that it would help everyone. But a new memo released on Saturday by his Chief of Staff outlines how that is not necessarily true.

In the memo, Ron Klain outlined the agenda for the first 10 days in office to senior staff. According to The Associated Press, Biden will get started as soon as Wednesday to start addressing changes. The first few moves will be to reenter the Paris climate accord, a mask mandate on federal property, and ending the “Muslim ban” that Democrats have complained about since it’s inception. He is also expected to take action to suspend student loan payments and preventing evictions and foreclosures on his first day.

Klain said that these measures are just part of the solution, but that the Biden administration would need Congress to act on the coronavirus plan he outlined last week. He also detailed how Biden has an immigration plan ready to submit to Congress on his first day in office. That plan would fast-track citizenship and address DACA.

As you can see, on the first day Biden immediately starts setting the foundation for the socialist agenda. All of the things mentioned so far were just planned for the first day.

Klain’s memo outlined how Thursday would be dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic and what could be done via executive order. Friday would be dedicated to economic relief for those suffering from the pandemic. Both points were very vague as Klain seemed to indicate that many measures are awaiting legal review.

Then, Klain moves to the part that we all knew was coming. In the second week, he said that Biden will work to address criminal justice reform, climate change, and take more measures to address immigration. Criminal justice reform has been a push from the radical wing for quite some time as they desire to reduce and eliminate anyone that may be placed into prison. Biden declared that criminal justice reform was needed because of systemic racism in America during his campaign.

Biden also supported the foundation of the Green New Deal. While he claimed in the debate that he was against it, his campaign website stated that it was part of his plan to address climate change. It’s unclear which parts of criminal justice reform and climate change he may address through executive action.

Everything in the memo continues to paint the clear picture of the socialist agenda that Biden will take in his administration. As I have said many times, Biden is simply a puppet that can be removed at any point. Democrats have shown their hand with the 25th Amendment talk.

Do not think for one second that Kamala Harris will not quickly invoke the 25th Amendment with her radical friends that Biden placed in his cabinet. These were not average Democrats, but they are extremely radical and will help drive the socialist policy.

Biden’s first plan was to spend $1.9 trillion on coronavirus aid. He claimed that was just the first of two plans. I expect that Biden will present plans to spend well over $10 trillion in just his first year through coronavirus aid, economic stimulus, climate change, and social reforms.

While Biden will make moves to repeal Trump’s tax cuts to claim that he is helping pay for those items, it will never cover the amount of spending that Democrats will pass. Our national debt sits at nearly $28 trillion currently, but will quickly pass $30 trillion by the end of January with Biden’s policies and most likely near $40 trillion by the end of year one.

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