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Thanks to Bridgerton, Rege-Jean Page has become a worldwide sensation (and the star of a few of my dreams, if I’m being honest.)

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Well, the British-Zimbabwean actor recently hopped on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he addressed the rumors.


Can we all take a moment to appreciate how unbelievable he looks in this turtleneck?? If this photo was the poster for his James Bond movie, I guarantee half the country would stream it.

“The internet thinks a lot of things, and that’s one of the more pleasant ones. So, I’m pleased as far as that goes,” he said with a smile.

“I think there might be an element of cultural translation to be done here. If you’re a Brit, and you do something of any kind of renown that people regard well, then people start saying the B-word. It’s like a merit badge. You get the B-word merit badge,” he continued.

“I’m very, very glad to have the badge. I’m glad to be in such wonderful company of people who have the badge. But it’s a badge,” he concluded.

Am I the only one who’s super disappointed to hear this?! Rege would make a lovely Bond! Are you listening, casting agents? LOVELY!!


I guess I could always rewatch Bridgerton for the third time while I’m waiting for his future projects to come out!

You can watch the full The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon interview here:

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