“Life isn’t a game of chance — it’s a game of attrition.”

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16. What would your hormone monster look like?

[Without a thought] So ugly. It would have that Ricky thing where like, the right arm would be short and the left arm would be long and then the right leg would be long and the left leg would be short. And they would have crazy bangs to the middle of the nose — you know, just basing it off of my pubescent experience. Oh, and they’d wear the T-shirt-and-tie combo, a la Avril Lavigne.

17. What was the most challenging part about working on Big Mouth?

I don’t know! It’s such a fun room — some days I’d come home and be like, “Oh no, did I have too much fun at work today?” Also, drinking enough water in the day to make sure my voice sounds good for recording.

18. What do you want to see happen for Missy’s character next season?

Well, I know what happens [laughs]. But, you know, jokes and fun and exploration.

19. Which show was more challenging to write for: Sunnyside or Dickinson?

Well, Sunnyside was so hard to write for because that room was so incredible and so perfect to the point that us writers are still in a group chat together and we keep in touch. You know, the show only lasted one season — which is a reality for network TV — but it was such a cool room because it was so diverse, but not in an empty sense, you know? Everyone in the room was connected to the immigrant experience — half of the upper-level writers were women of color. There was gender parity and racial parity and it was really hard to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to be writing on this show with these people anymore.

20. East Coast or West Coast?

I mean, I’m living on the West Coast, so I have to be diplomatic but…617 all day. [Writer’s note: (617) is the area code for TRUE Bostonians.]

21. Desert island: three movies you cannot live without.

Tampopo, The Player, and Notting Hill.

22. What is the your most starstruck moment?

I met Tim Robinson once — we’ve met a few times since then, but the first time we met, he said, “Oh, your Instagram is really funny!” And I TRULY couldn’t talk. There were all these famous people at this party, but I was speechless at Tim Robinson. It was really embarrassing.

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