Manatee Democrats and their online newspaper pitched a hissy fit this week because the Manatee County Commission voiced its support for Israel in their conflict with Hamas. The Democrats have turned into the anti semitic party that gives support to Hamas while condemning Israel for protecting its citizens.

Back in the 1980’s the Democrats accused President Reagan of using a dog whistle to court the support of southern voters. The Democrats argued that the Republicans were using code words to gain the support of southern bigots. 

Ironically, today the Democrats are being open in their courting of bigoted  and racist Arabs and leftist Americans in the Presidential race. Across our country, Democrat controlled city councils and county commissions have endorsed the Hamas cause. These governmental entities have condemned Israel and their response to the Hamas atrocities of October 7th. 

The support for Palestinians is a major theme for Democrats. Never forget that Palestinians overwhelmingly support  the eradication of Jews in Israel.

With the outpouring of support for Hamas supporters by these Democrat governmental agencies, our local commission, led by Kevin Van Ostenbridge decided to take a stand against antisemitism. A proclamation was presented in support of Israel.

Surprise, Surprise, our local Democrats and left leaning Republicans became outraged that Manatee County would show support for Israel. These Democrats and left leaning Republicans would rather focus our time on allowing full-term abortions and gender surgery on children.

When the proclamation was presented to our county commission, 6 of the commissioners spoke up to voice their support for Israel. The only commissioner to stay silent was the former Columbia student, George Kruse. He did vote for the proclamation but he did not speak up because he could not risk losing the support of the Manatee County Democrats. The Democrat leaning online newspaper immediately published an article that mocked the commissioners for standing up for Israel.

It is sad that some Republicans and most Democrats are giving support to the forces opposed to Israel. Manatee County has a history of racism that it has worked hard to put behind it. We cannot allow the Manatee Democrats to make racism against Jewish people acceptable in our community.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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