Chicago is a collapsing city that may soon be unable to pay its bills. Chicago has been ruled by Democrats for over a century. Long controlled by public sector unions and leftist politicians, Chicago now has the second worst debt load of any city in America. Chicago now has a debt of over 40 billion dollars or $43,000 for every taxpayer. 

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Illinois also has a huge debt problem so combined a taxpayer in Chicago has an average debt load of $85,000. Does anyone believe they can pay this debt off? The City of Chicago already has a high tax rate so they cannot raise taxes to pay off their debt. These taxes are extremely high on businesses so many are leaving the city. 

What a surprise. Businesses and taxpayers are leaving the city for destinations that understand how to have a productive environment. Chicago is now dominated by leftist union workers that are hoping that Biden can get re-elected and direct public funds toward the city. 

Biden already gave the city $2 billion of your tax dollars during the pandemic. This is how the Democrats use your tax dollars. They elect leftists who run a city or state into huge deficits by giving billions of dollars to public workers in enormous pension plans. These workers retire with huge pension payouts and then Democrats use your tax dollars to help the cities pay for the inflated pensions.

Sound familiar? Leftist college students rack up huge college debts and ask hard working Americans to pay off that debt. 

The situation in Chicago is only going to get worse as more businesses like Boeing leave the city. What is happening is the people who pay taxes are leaving while the takers (leftist Democrats) are demanding the city increase their pensions. In any private business it would be called a Ponzi scheme.

But remember, the Manatee Democrats would say that a debt ridden Chicago is preferable to Florida because you can abort a baby up until the time of birth. 

Never forget that Democrats have ruined cities and states across our great country. They want to do that in Manatee county and now they are encouraging Democrats to switch their party affiliation so they can elect left-leaning Republicans in our county. More on that to come.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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