Watching the spoiled kids on northeastern college campuses as they protest against Jews and Israel, one cannot help but remember that these kids just aren’t that smart. Many of these students have been coddled through private and public schools where everyone passes and the lowest grade is a B-. The kids from wealthier families may not be that smart but they have been given tutors to help them crack the code of the standardized tests. The higher test scores that come as a result of the tutoring, gains them entry into the elite schools. They are not that smart, they just have figured out how to get to the front of the line.

When these kids hit the college campus and are exposed to the professors who teach them that the world is an evil place as a result of colonization, these average IQ kids actually believe the professors. The next thing you know, they are protesting the cattle industry and expressing their support for Hamas. 

The latest fad the professors have foisted on these “genius” kids is the “colonizers versus the colonized” tripe. They teach these gullible kids that the white people of the world have been successful only because they have colonized the poor peaceful inhabitants that got in their way. 

They conveniently don’t study the actual history of the world. In 1980, the US Supreme Court ruled that the American government had illegally taken the Black Hills of South Dakota from the Lakota Sioux Indians. 

The Court ordered the government to pay the Lakota the initial offering price of the land plus interest. The court did not order the United States to vacate the land and give it back to the Indians. Why? Because the Sioux did not grow up out of the ground in the Black Hills. 

The Sioux took the land from the Cheyenne in the late 1700’s. The Cheyenne took the land from the Kiowa and the Crow. The Kiowa and the Crow took the land from the Camanche and Arapaho.

The reality of world history has always been the colonizers taking over land from the colonized. This is the natural ebb and flow of history. It is not pretty to watch but it is the reality of the planet we inhabit. 

The Pilgrims gave up lives of relative comfort to settle in  North America where many of them met an early death. 

Many times these colonizations improved the world. 5 years prior to Columbus (a colonizer) sailing across the ocean, the Aztecs sacrificed thousands of victims to their patron demon. 

Cortes was witness to the Aztec priests slicing open the chests of sacrificial victims to offer their warm hearts as a sacrifice to the demons. Cortes conquered the Aztecs, who had conquered the prior civilization. Cortes stopped the human sacrifices and introduced the Aztecs to Christianity. Was that a positive development?

These poor “genius” kids fall for the crap that these professors teach them and begin to believe that western civilization is evil. The reality is that not all colonization was evil even though some colonizers were evil people. 

One person asked a simple question. If you had been alive 600 years ago, would you rather have been colonized by Christians or Aztecs? Today, would you rather live under Hamas rule or in the state of Florida?

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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