American corporations have often chosen profits over patriotism. Many US corporations view the Chinese market as substantial and thus believe it has the potential to contribute enormous profits to the bottom-line. Intel, Texas Instruments, Best Buy and Cisco Systems are just a few of the many US companies that trade with China. 

Over the past decade, China has deliberately positioned itself as an enemy of the United States. Chinese President Xi has turned China away from free market economic principles and has focused on confronting the US. Chinese citizens are sent to the US to spy and gather intelligence for the Chinese military.

China is attempting to catch up to the US in Artificial Intelligence (AI) weapons. In spite of this, many corporations continue to trade with China and share sensitive data. 

One corporate CEO has refused to trade with China  and has spoken out about keeping America strong in the arms race with China. Alex Karp is the CEO of Palantir, a leader in the field of AI for weaponry. Karp recently stated, “I believe, like most Americans, that we should have very severe restrictions on exporting our enormous advantage to China.” While Karp hopes for better relations between China and the US, he is realistic enough to understand that such equanimity is far in the future.

Alex Karp

Palantir makes AI weapons that are being used on the battlefields in Ukraine and Israel. He believes that these AI weapons will help those that possess such weapons control the battlefield and thus control the world. 

Karp wants these weapons to be in control of the US and its allies because he believes that they are a source of goodness. Sharing our AI with China, Russia and Iran will ultimately be bad for the world.

In the 15 years after World War II, many Democrats believed Soviet style socialism was the answer to many of the social problems in the world. Many Democrat scientists shared military secrets with the Soviets and allowed the Soviets to gain ground on the US in the weapons race. These naive Democrats believed they were helping the world. Ultimately, the Soviet Union revealed to these stooges that the Soviets were not a force for peace. 

Sadly, today we have corporate heads that will share technology with the Chinese merely for profits. These morally bankrupt executives remind us that 2000 years later there are still those like Judas Iscariot who will choose filthy lucre over doing what is right.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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