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Democrats Continue To Stick It To The Poor

Democrats and their friends in the “climate industry” are constantly sticking it to the poor and middle class. Just like our local Democrats, they try to convince you that Republicans are ruining the environment when they trim mangroves and build houses. 

Now these same Democrats are at war with the auto industry and the  victims of this war are going to be the poor and middle class. 

The Manatee Democrats realize they cannot outlaw gas cars without creating a furor from the taxpayers. The taxpayers realize that electric cars are more expensive than gas cars and they are not as reliable as a means of transportation. Electric cars require charging stations and they have a shorter range of use and are much more expensive to repair. 

Since the Democrats cannot outlaw gas cars, they have decided to make them more expensive. Democrats from the Ivy League schools have continued to push the miles per gallon requirements for cars higher than is reasonable. The only way car manufacturers can survive these rules is to manufacture more electric cars and less gas powered cars. 

The car manufacturers are now experiencing the headaches of producing electric cars that are not selling and fewer gas cars that ARE selling. Anyone with an IQ over 80 (sorry to eliminate Kamala Harris) realizes that when you produce fewer cars that the public wants to buy, the price rises. 

Who gets hit hardest by this price increase? The wealthy? No. It is the hard working middle class and the poor. Many in this group do not have the means to have charging stations to use for electric cars. They rely on the gas cars that the Democrats are making more expensive. 

Imagine how the Democrats would react if the Republicans put a tax on tofu that caused the salads the Democrats love to increase by 80%. That is what the Democrats are doing to the poor and middle class. 

The Democrats are not happy with just raising the price of gas cars, they also want to punish anyone who exposes this Democrat initiative. Democrats have started threatening to take away the licenses of radio and television stations who air ads that expose the way the Democrats are raising the cost of living for the poor. 

The Democrats love to tell the world that Putin is evil (and he is). The same Democrats like to use Putin’s tactics of censoring and silencing their political opponents. 

As for me I like my gas powered car and I don’t lose sleep when someone trims a mangrove. I guess it is obvious that I am not a Manatee Democrat.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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