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Yes Readers, Biden Is Apologizing To Hamas Supporters

Some of you thought I was kidding when I wrote that Biden needed the votes of Jew haters to get re-elected. It might seem like hyperbole when I point out that the Democrats have become reliant on radical Palestinians to win states like Michigan. If the Democrats lose Michigan, they have a difficult road to retain the White House. 

Today, USA TODAY, a left wing newspaper, reported that Biden had sent his aides to Dearborn, Michigan to apologize for the criticism that Biden had made of Hamas after they raped and killed Israeli women and children. 

No Hollywood producer could have imagined this script for a movie one year ago. Palestinians invade Israel and kill and rape women and children and kidnap babies from their homes. Biden initially criticizes Hamas for their actions but subsequently realizes that the voters he needs to win Michigan are happy with the murderous rampage that Hamas initiated against Israel. 

Biden, the President the Democrats chose when they were afraid of Bernie Sanders, is so far down in the polls that he is desperately reaching out to the vermin of society (supporters of Hamas) to help him get re-elected. The same Democrats that were quick to call Trump racist are now going to the most anti semitic group in the world and pleading for their support in the Presidential election. 

While most of the mainstream media has ignored this issue, USA Today could no longer ignore this egregious act of cowardice by Biden and the Democrats.

Meanwhile, in Manatee County, we patiently await the local Democrats and their online newspaper’s response to this sick act by the leader of their party. 

Methinks they will figure out how to blame this on Van Ostenbridge and Beruff. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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