Adam Schiff, a man as trustworthy as Rachel Maddow and Charlie Crist, is considered to be the favorite to be elected to the US Senate from California. Schiff is the person who championed the Russia hoax and erroneously asserted that Trump was a Russian agent. Schiff kept lying  about Trump and claiming that Russia  was the single-most important factor in Trump’s election.

Schiff has been very open about  what the Democrat agenda will be after he is elected to the Senate. Schiff and the Democrats plan to end the filibuster which would allow the Democrats to pass their crazy agenda with just 51 votes. 

Schiff also promises to add 4 seats to the Supreme Court. With a Democrat as President, 4 additional leftist Supreme Court Justices would be added to the nation’s highest court. Court Justices will declare the new law to be constitutional.

Schiff and the Democrats would also raise the corporate tax top rate which would further depress economic growth. Schiff would also vote to allow ballot harvesting and would allow non-citizens to vote. This would insure that the leftists would control all branches of government. 

This is not wild conjecture, this is what Schiff is asserting in his campaign. Adam Schiff is considered a lightweight. He is not going to receive an invitation to join the Mensa Society. He will, however, be elected Senator from California and he will be a leader of the Democrats. 

Just remember, when you support your local Democrats, you are supporting Schiff and his crazy leftist agenda.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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