The Democrats seem to be giving the middle finger to America. America’s cities are awash with illegal immigrants who have no place to settle. Crime has risen as many of these immigrants have no way to support themselves.  In spite of the pleas from Democratic mayors, the Democrat establishment and Biden refuse to close the southern border.

Americans are frustrated as they watch illegals continue to pour across the border  while Biden heads for another vacation. There is no logical explanation for the lack of any attempt to curtail the border incursions. It appears that Democrats are beholden  to George Soros and his son who are opposed to any border controls.

Working class Americans are the victims of this influx of illegal immigrants. As these illegals flood the workplace, the result is wage depression for legal American workers. These hourly workers were once the concern of Democrats. Not so today. The Democrat politicians are focused on the wealthy elite, leftist students and government workers.

The working Americans are now switching to the Republican party because they have seen the Democrats focus on leftist causes and the wealthy elite. 

The Democrats have become the protector of Wall Street white Republicans are beginning to focus on Main Street and it’s small businesses, 

The election this year will be a close fight between these two groups. The wealthy elite will pour millions of dark money into the Presidential election. These groups will work to prevent any controls over who votes. The Democrats will again resort to ballot harvesting in large cities where Democrats will be counted on to look the other way while ballot fraud occurs. 

Republicans will have to be diligent in observing the election process in order to depress the amount of cheating that takes place. Trump did not put any effort  into preventing fraud in 2020 and it may have ended up costing him the election. 

Had Trump spent half as much time preventing fraud before the election as he spent complaining about it afterwards, he might have won. 

If Trump is the nominee, the Republicans cannot expect him to have a serious plan for preventing election fraud. Trump is not a detailed person and he has the attention span of a 2nd grader. He can make campaign speeches about election fraud but he and his team do not have the ability to develop and implement a plan to prevent election fraud. Party officials must have a robust plan for observing and preventing election fraud.

The southern US border and election integrity will be major issues in 2024. Republicans need a detailed plan for both issues.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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