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Keith Green Candidate for Manatee County Board of County Commissioners

District 7 at Large

Official Campaign Statement:

Keith Green Demands Accountability for Commissioner
George Kruse’s Environmental and Economic Negligence
MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — As the conservative candidate committed to responsible
stewardship and economic growth, I address you today with a grave concern that
strikes at the core of our community’s well-being. The environmental catastrophe at Port
Manatee, which unfolded under Commissioner George Kruse’s watch, has not only
inflicted long-lasting damage on our cherished coastline but also threatened the
economic backbone of Manatee County. This incident is not just a reflection of a
singular failure but indicative of Kruse’s pattern of negligence and incompetence.
Three months have elapsed since the oil spill, and the people of Manatee County are
still grappling with the aftermath, waiting for decisive action and leadership that has yet
to materialize from Commissioner Kruse. His continued negligence and lack of effective
communication have resulted in a drawn-out and costly cleanup, with the repercussions
extending far beyond environmental degradation.
The Board of County Commissioners’ decision to remove Kruse as chairman of the Port
Authority was not merely a response to one event but a necessary action against his
consistent laissez-faire attitude and ineptitude in the face of serious environmental and
economic challenges. While we commend the Board for their decisive action, it is clear
that the responsibility for this disaster falls squarely on the shoulders of George Kruse.
His failure to manage the crisis effectively has led to substantial financial burdens on
our community, with cleanup costs soaring to $825,000—a sum that speaks volumes
about the economic impact of his failed leadership.
Furthermore, Kruse’s associations with figures like Cesar Antonio Garcia and Christian
Ziegler paint a disturbing picture of the ethical and moral standards he deems
acceptable. These connections are not peripheral; they are reflective of a deeper culture
of disregard and irresponsibility that Kruse has fostered. His complacency in the face of
disaster, coupled with these associations, highlights a disturbing pattern of ethical laxity
and indifference to the community’s welfare.
As a Republican and pro-business advocate, I recognize that our community’s
prosperity is inherently linked to the health of our environment. We cannot stand by
leaders who show a blatant disregard for the very resources that fuel our economy and
define our quality of life. The conservative principle of stewardship demands
accountability and foresight, qualities that Kruse has demonstrably lacked.

Today, I call upon the citizens of Manatee County to recognize the gravity of this
situation. The negligence and incompetence of George Kruse have not only caused
immediate harm but also pose a long-term threat to the economic and environmental
future of our county. This is not just about the oil spill; it’s about the kind of leadership
we choose to guide us through crises and steward our community towards a prosperous
As your candidate for the District 7 At Large seat on the Manatee Board of County
Commissioners, I pledge to champion initiatives that drive forward our local economy
while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and responsibility. My commitment
is to ensure that Manatee County not only recovers from recent setbacks but also
emerges stronger, with a vibrant, growth-oriented business environment that benefits
everyone in our community.
The incident at Port Manatee along with other debacles and failures under George
Kruse tenure is a serious wake-up call, highlighting the need for leadership that can
balance development and economic prosperity with smart, proactive safeguards. As a
pro-business advocate, I understand that a thriving economy is the backbone of our
community. However, prosperity must be pursued with foresight and responsibility. It’s
time for a change. It’s time for leadership that not only responds to crises with urgency
but also works tirelessly to foster an environment where businesses can flourish
responsibly and sustainably.
I am committed to working closely with members of the Board of County Commissioners
and the business community to push forward initiatives that promote economic growth
and development. Together, we will create a business-friendly environment that attracts
investment, encourages innovation, and creates jobs while maintaining the high
standards of accountability and transparency that you expect and deserve.
Together, let’s demand better. Let’s choose a path of integrity, responsibility, and
prosperity. The future of Manatee County is in our hands, and it’s time we place it in the
care of leaders who are committed to moving our community forward.

Thank you. God Bless the Residents of Manatee County.

Keith Green for District 7 At Large, Manatee Board of County Commissioners.

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