Democrats in Canada and Manatee County share one thing in common: a detachment from reality. Justin Trudeau, the leftist Prime Minister of Canada, has announced plans to install taxpayer-funded free tampons in Men’s restrooms in the Canadian Parliament buildings. This change became official on December 15th. 

Trudeau stated that “this means that every female-identified, male-identified and all gender toilet rooms will need to have menstrual products.”

The world is facing many issues today: Ukraine, Gaza, an unregulated US border, a subpar educational system, prosecutors who refuse to put criminals in jail, etc. Do Democrats focus on these issues? No. They believe that taxpayers need to provide free tampons in Men’s restrooms. 

If you wonder why Trump is leading in the national polls, this action may help answer the question. Americans have watched Democrats put bureaucrats in charge of doing stupid things. 

Can anyone explain why the Democrats refuse to stem the tide of people illegally entering our country? Can anyone explain why former President Obama is pressuring Harvard to retain their President who could not condemn Harvard students who harassed Jewish students and called for the extermination of Israelis?

Can anyone explain why Democrats want to allow illegal immigrants the right to vote in our elections?

The sad reality is that the leaders of the Democrat Party believe in these ridiculous ideas. When you believe in ridiculous ideas, you convince yourself that tampons are needed in Men’s bathrooms. It seems silly but this is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. 

We in Manatee County must not assume that the wokeness that affects other areas of our country cannot infiltrate our area. We need Republican officeholders who understand that bureaucrats are ready to turn Manatee County into a Democrat stronghold. 

If we allow moderates or leftists to take over our county, we may find tampons in the Men’s restrooms.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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