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Several LRHS band members were selected for the Florida State University (FSU) Tri-State Honor Band and the University of South Florida (USF) Festival of Winds Honor Band. 

LRHS Band director John Wilkerson said “We are excited for our Mustang Band members as each honor band had over 750 students trying for a spot in the honor bands. I am very honored to teach great musicians, students, and young adults.”  

 Tri-State (FSU) –

  • Connor Engelsberg – French Horn
  • Kathleen Montanaro – Clarinet 

Festival of Winds (USF) –

  • Lauren Cunningham – Clarinet
  • Emorie Lawrence – Flute
  • Zoey Putter – Trumpet
  • Connor Wren – Euphonium 

Cunningham, junior, said, “To get to a level of musicianship like this takes a lot of work and dedication. It takes years to develop a good tone quality and really get comfortable on your instrument. It takes a lot of practice, which it can definitely be hard to find the motivation to. In the end though, it is worth it. I’m so honored to have been selected to be in this program.”

Senior Montanaro said “I am excited to play with individuals from across Alabama, Georgia and Florida. It’s a new experience that will allow me to grow as a musician.” 

The students will be out all day on Thursday and Friday as they will be attending these prestigious honor bands. 

Senior Wren said, “I am thankful USF is giving me and my fellow music students the opportunity to perform in a college setting.” 

This Good News was provided by Mustangs Ahead, and written by student journalist, Olivia Marshall. 

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