The horror, the horror; it seems the Ivy leaves of the Ivy League universities turned out to be poison ivy. December of 2023 will be remembered as the time that most Americans became aware of the fatuousness of America’s elite educational establishment.

For years, the education establishment has diverged from the common sense mores most Americans have been taught. The quaint Christian values many were raised to respect were fodder for mockery at elite universities. Common sense knowledge of what constitutes a man or a woman have become theories for nuanced debate. 

Leftist orthodoxy on genital mutilation and abortion until birth are deemed true scientific law that cannot be debated or challenged. Discussing these leftist mantras  in a negative light could get teachers or students banned from campus. 

The American public has watched the leftist elites suppress common sense. They have watched these elite leftists call for increased regulation on the working class while they make themselves exempt from following the rules. John Kerry flies all around the world in a private jet spewing copious amounts of carbon dioxide while telling us to get rid of our gasoline engines. 

In this hypocritical manner, the leadership of elite universities dismiss students or faculty who support philosophies that the leftists consider “triggering” or “threatening”. These universities go out of their way to make sure leftist students or faculty are never challenged with different ideologies. 

Last week this charade ended when the Presidents of Harvard, MIT and Penn could not condemn threats of genocide against Jewish students. These Presidents are not “fringe” politicians like AOC and Matt Gaetz. These were the leaders of our elite universities. These universities are supposed to educate and train our future leaders. 

For many Americans, it has been difficult to understand how so many of our young college students could march in the streets with groups that are chanting “Death to Israel” and “Death to the Jews.” 

After watching the Presidents of Harvard, MIT and Penn refuse to admit that shouting “Death to the Jews” constitutes harassment, the public now understands how out of touch the educational elite are with most Americans. Last July, these 3 Presidents would have expelled students who shouted at transgender or black students. 

These 3 Presidents do not represent the fringe of the Democrat party, they represent the mainstream of the Democrat party.

The education establishment, just like the Democrat party, has been hijacked by leftist wackos. These leftists control the elite college campuses. Conservatives must cut off government funding for these radical institutions until they return to education  as opposed to indoctrination.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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