First they wanted to confiscate your car. Then they wanted to take away your gas stove. Now the Democrats want to take away your hamburger. 

What is it about Democrats that causes them to desire to be the “Nurse Ratched” for America? If there is anything you enjoy, the Democrats want to regulate it in order to make it too expensive for anyone who is not wealthy to enjoy it. 

Last week, John Kerry (the Democrats environmental czar) traveled on a private jet to Doha, Qatar (home to the Hamas leadership). Kerry and the environmental nazis decided that cows were causing the destruction of the world with their belching and flatulence. Evidently cows emit methane and this is causing the world to overheat. You cannot make this up.

The Democrat party is not satisfied with banishing fossil fuels and gasoline powered automobiles. The Democrats have now decided that  your rib-eye steak and pepperoni pizza will cause America to have a national meltdown. 

Years ago, the Democrat party was considered the party of the “live and let live” generation. That has changed dramatically. Democrats now want to regulate every facet of your life. If they don’t approve of your automobile or choice of food, they will tax it to make it so expensive that you will not be able to enjoy your preferences. Ironically, the Democrats are now the party of the uber wealthy and they have turned their backs on the working class. 

Some countries are fighting back. New Zealand’s Democrats attempted to put a high tax on meat to decrease its production. The voters said NO WAY and voted the New Zealand Democrats out of office. 

California bureaucrats and Governor Newsome are attempting to install the same anti-meat regulations in their state. They are putting excessive regulations and taxes on the meat producers. They are also attempting to make their rules applicable to any meat producers from other states who sell their product in California. (Interestingly, Governor Newsome is thought to be the preferred candidate of the Manatee County Democrats) 

This is the mindset of today’s Democratic Party. They know their ideas are unpopular with the public. They understand that their love of mandates and regulations runs contrary to the wishes of the public. (Remember the local Democrats who were screaming to keep the schools closed and force everyone to wear a mask) In order to hide their true intentions from the public they try to put the focus on Donald Trump.

Remember what the Democrats support. Open borders where migrants constantly enter our country illegally. Open hatred of Israel and Jews. Men competing in women’s sporting events. Men with penises using the girl’s restroom. Higher prices for automobiles because of regulation. No meat in your tacos and no hamburgers with your french fries. 

No wonder so many voters seem to be willing to hold their nose and vote for Trump.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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