A new national poll by Marquette University shows strong support for gun rights under the 2nd Amendment. The poll was conducted November 2nd through 7th and questioned whether Americans favored an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home. 65% of respondents favored such a right. 

The same poll showed that 65% of Americans opposed the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. This gives evidence that Americans are firming up their beliefs on two important social issues. 

For many years, Democrats have attempted to put curbs on gun ownership. They made the argument that the founders of our country only believed that hunters should have the right to bear arms. Major cities, controlled by Democrats, enacted statutes that made it difficult for their citizens to protect themselves. 

Over the past decade, Democrat prosecutors began following the wishes of George Soros and refusing to prosecute criminals and releasing them back into their communities. In these Democrat controlled jurisdictions, a subset of the criminal element have realized that they have the equivalent of a “Get out of jail card” for their crimes. 

Not surprisingly, crime rates have gone up dramatically in these Democrat controlled cities. The minority neighborhoods have become unsafe for the citizens. Frustration has begun to mount because the lower income neighborhoods are scary places to live while George Soros and many of the Democrats that control these cities live in gated communities with armed security guards. 

Recently, pro-Hamas demonstrators have taken to the streets in these cities and have harassed and caused panic among the citizens. These incidents have solidified the belief among a majority of the citizens of our country that we must have the ability to defend ourselves as these mobs begin to feel more emboldened to attack people or ethnic groups that they dislike. 

The Democrats are beginning to realize that their reflexive opposition to gun rights is not well received by the electorate. 

The Republican politicians are beginning to realize that  the public does not support the strict regulation of abortion. These politicians have watched the Democrats galvanize independent voters in their favor because of concerns over abortion legislation. 

Over the next year, each party will attempt to convince voters that they should be given control of the White House and Congress. The two hot-button issues of abortion and gun-control will be central issues in courting the voters.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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