6 weeks ago we witnessed the attack on Jewish civilians by Hamas. While a majority of Americans were shocked and horrified, a significant number of people showed their sympathy for Hamas. Massive numbers of protesters in our country and around the world began expressing their hatred of Jews and Israelis. 

Our college campuses in the northeast became the epicenter for those screaming for decolonization. Their argument is that Israeli Jews are colonizers of Palestine and thus it is acceptable to remove them through any means necessary. 

Usually the term “decolonization” is used just before Jewish people are assaulted. An editor of the Harvard Law Review physically assaulted  a Jewish student who was attempting to walk across campus. These future leaders of America know that they will suffer no criminal repercussions for assault or harming Jewish people. 

Jewish schools, businesses and synagogues are being desecrated or  having shots fired at their premises. A Jewish man recently died from injuries he suffered during an attack by a Palestinian supporter.

 If these attacks had occurred 4 years ago, Democrats and the media would have blamed it on Trump and his racist supporters. Ironically, it is the Democrat Party that is harboring these racist bigots that hate Jewish people. The Governor of Michigan is being very quiet during these protests because the Democrat party in Michigan needs the support of the Palestinians who reside in Michigan. Many of these same Palestinians are openly calling for the extermination of Israelis and Jews. 

These attacks on Jewish people and the failure of Democrat prosecutors to put these people in jail has led to an interesting result. We now are hearing reports of Jewish people around our country who are purchasing firearms for self protection. Many of these Jewish people were opponents of the right to bear arms. They did not understand the thinking of many Americans who have been strong proponents of the right to bear arms.

When you see your friends and family hiding in libraries or their apartments because people are threatening them because of their race, you start to understand why so many Americans own firearms. 

We cannot assume that over the next few years that we will live in a safe environment. When Democrat prosecutors refuse to enforce the laws that keep society orderly, anarchy eventually reigns. We must be ready to defend ourselves from the growing number of Americans who believe that they can threaten and harass people they don’t like. 

Many Democrats continue to ask; “Why do you need an assault rifle?” The answer is; because when a mob comes for you, self preservation may require more than a small pistol. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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