The Israeli government understands that to annihilate Hamas, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) cannot follow the “Marquis of Queensberry” rules for fighting. The Queensberry rules were developed in England in order to have gentlemanly or polite boxing matches. Many Democrats are demanding that Israel fight a polite war that results in no civilian casualties. 

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In order to have a polite fight, both sides are required to follow the polite rules. Hamas forfeited that right when they raped women, killed infants and children and grandmothers. Many members of the media have been shown videos from the Hamas attack on Israel. Some of the videos were taken by the Hamas fighters themselves. Most of those that have viewed the videos are left stunned and incapable of finding words to describe the brutality of the Palestinians. 

These people are incorrigible. No Arab country will accept Palestenians as refugees because they fear the evil that would be perpetrated by the Palestinians in the country that gives them shelter.

These “brave” Hamas fighters deliberately surround themselves with women and children hoping the Israelis will refrain from bombing them. The Israelis know that Hamas and the Palestinians crossed a red line of barbarism and there is no chance of creating peace with them. These Hamas leaders constantly kill any Palestinians who attempt to establish a coexistence with Israel. 

The Hamas fighters executed Palestinian bus drivers who committed the crime of driving buses for Jews. There can be no peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis until the Hamas leadership has been exterminated. 

In order for the IDF to exterminate the leadership of Hamas, some innocent Palestinians will die. That is the sad reality of war when the Hamas leadership hides behind their children. Now they are beginning to understand that Israel will not hesitate to kill them even if they are with their children. 

The world will be a safer place when the leadership of Hamas has been exterminated. Then and only then, the Palestinians will have a chance to choose leaders who put the Palestinians first and recognize the right of Israel to exist. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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