Americans cannot stand by as Palestinians and Muslims in the United States are harassing and threatening Jewish people. It is ironic that the Democrats have been quick to scream racism when 10 wackos rally around a rebel flag but when thousands of Muslims and leftist students march in support of Hamas, the Democrats develop lockjaw. 

Historians have mused for years over the question of how so many Germans allowed the Nazis to take control of their country. Today, we as a nation must ask ourselves how we have allowed so many young people, who support the Democrat Party, to be ensnared by the worst racist dogmas. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center has spent the last twenty years listing every conservative group as a racist organization. This same Southern Poverty Law Center has its lawyers marching with the supporters of Hamas who are urging the extermination of Jews. 

It often takes a terrible event to bring clarity to an issue. Three weeks ago we saw the billionaire leaders of Hamas encourage their followers to kill children and rape women. They slaughtered grandmothers and then bragged about their crimes to their parents who gushed approvingly. We have been granting green cards to these Palestinians for years.

President Biden has put Palestenians in charge of deciding which Palestinians can enter our country. From watching the protests of the last several weeks, it is clear that the Biden administration has one qualification for Palestinians to be admitted to the United States: They must hate Jews and call for the extermination of Israelis. 

Many Americans over the age of forty wonder how so many college students have been captured by such racism.

These young college students get much of their political information from Tik Tok. These students do not watch traditional news sources so bots from Turkey that flourish on Tik Tok lead these young people into believing that Jews are evil and the Palestinians are peace loving people.

It is time for the Democrats to step up and denounce the college students who are supporting Hamas. Sadly, the base of the Democrat Party has bought into the racism of Hamas and their supporters. Americans must demand that harassment and violence against Jewish people stop immediately. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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