When Democrats gain control of a city, county or state, the leftists take charge. Once in charge, Democrats consistently make it tougher for small businesses to operate successfully. 

A recent Wall Street Journal piece pointed out that New York recently passed the “Fair Chance Act” that prohibits businesses from considering a job applicant’s arrest record. Today we have a different reality regarding arrest records. There are many instances where criminals are arrested for crimes and leftist Democrat (Soros backed) prosecutors refuse to prosecute them for a felony conviction. Violent behavior  is routinely not prosecuted by Democrat prosecutors. If a business in New York were to consider the arrest record of a person who was not convicted, they would be violating the “Fair Chance Act.” OJ Simpson would have to be hired as a security guard at a battered women’s shelter according to New York law. 

Federal law requires schools to give 12 weeks of maternity leave. New York requires employers to allow workers to take the leave in increments of full days. This allows a teacher to take off Mondays and Fridays for 30 weeks. Imagine trying to run a school where the principal could take such leave. 

Chicago, another Democrat run city, requires employers to post work schedules 14 days in advance. If there is a deviation from that schedule, the employee must be paid. 

Thousands of New Yorkers and Chicagoans have fled to Florida because they are tired of living in crime riddled cities that make it difficult for businesses to operate successfully. In spite of this proof of Democrat incompetence, we are constantly told we need to elect Democrats in Manatee County. 

There are few moderate Democrats left in America. The past few weeks we have witnessed national Democrats become mute when their voters chant “death to Jews” and “allahu akbar” in the streets of our Democrat controlled cities. These same politicians remain silent when Asians are attacked in the streets for the crime of “being Asian.”

 Democrats are having a tough time talking about systemic racism while their voters are cheering the butchery of Jews by Hamas. We witness the Democrats shout how terrible Christians are while ignoring the racist chants and calls to violence against Jews by Muslims. 

Thankfully, Manatee County has rejected the racism of Democratic politicians.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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