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Trump praises Hezbollah While Israelis Bury Their Dead

Image courtesy of cartoonmovement.com

Is Donald Trump secretly determined to make sure that Biden and Harris are re-elected? Time and time again our Felon-in-Chief sticks his foot in his mouth. His latest gaffe is his praise of Hezbollah. Trump said that Hezbollah is smart and called the Israeli Defense Minister a “jerk.” He also criticized Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

Only Trump would praise Hezbollah while Israeli is burying the dead babies that Hamas terrorists raped and burned. Why would Trump do this? Because Trump only cares about Trump. Trump became upset with Bibi when Bibi did not follow Trump’s instructions when Trump claimed the election was stolen from him. Netanyahu did what every other world leader did: he called Biden and congratulated him on winning the election. Bibi did what was right for the State of Israel because he knew Israel would need support from the US when they were attacked.

Trump refused to respect the rule of law and became enraged when Netanyahu did not join his clown show of idiots storming our Capitol. Now when Israel needs the support of the US in a time of war, Trump is acting like a spoiled child and refusing to support Israel.

How many stupid actions do we have to watch before Republicans realize that Trump cannot get elected and should not be President. We must win the next election with a conservative that can win an election and govern as an adult and not as a spoiled child. Supporting Trump and his ridiculous antics only ensures that Biden or another Democrat will get to change the shape of our Supreme Court and end the strict interpretation of the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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