Forty dead babies with their heads chopped off.

Full stop.

Do we even need to expand on the savagery of Hamas terrorists? Paragliding into a music festival and executing hundreds of young, unarmed festival goers?

Slaughtering entire Israeli families in their sleep including their pets? Kidnapping, raping and murdering Israeli women and then parading around their naked, mutilated bodies through the Gaza Strip?

The few images coming out of this brutal attack against Israel is nothing compared to the reality on the ground.

There are a number of pieces of the puzzle missing from the bigger picture. To be more accurate, those missing pieces are there, but some people just don’t see them – or perhaps, as usual, don’t want to see them.

We have an entire generation now that wasn’t alive during the 9-11 attacks on America. The dopes in charge decided that those images of burning Americans jumping to their deaths was harmful to the sensitive American mind.

They decided those images would only serve to create hatred and fuel some delusion of Islamophobia because Americans are too stupid to separate fantasy from reality. In fact, those dopes in charge are too stupid to accomplish that simple task.

So what you are – and will see – on your televisions in the coming days doesn’t touch the real brutality. But rest assured when the inevitable collateral damage occurs with the necessary Israeli invasion of the Strip, news networks will scramble to air images of dead Palestinans.

Very few will report those dead Palestinans were used as human shields as part of a sophisticated terrorist propaganda campaign.

It’s a script written by Ho Chi Minh during the Vietnam War and still used by our enemies today: Prey upon the weak American mind who can’t distinguish fact from fiction.

Ho Chi Minh was a masterful propagandist who manipulated – and perhaps started – the antiwar movement that led to a disgraceful hatred of our own troops. He turned Americans against our own.

In the coming days and possibly weeks, the mainstream media will turn the tables on Israel using Ho Chi Minh’s tactics and the brutality of the Hamas incursion will be forgotten as the narrative turns toward making Israel look like the bad guys.

It will happen.

There is a lot to this situation to digest. A lot of media pundits want to focus on the $6 billion Biden freed up for Iran to help fund the Hamas brutality. Some are finally talking about the $60 billion Iran has pocketed on oil sales because Biden isn’t enforcing existing sanctions.

But no one is talking enough about where those oil sales are going. Biden isn’t enforcing those sanctions because the majority of that oil is going to China at a discounted rate.

The Biden-China corrupt partnership will end America if this guy is somehow elected for another term.

While Iran floods China and Russia with a record number of oil sales, and doing so while Biden turns a blind eye toward existing sanctions, Biden has emptied our strategic reserves as a political ploy to keep gas prices stable – albeit high – while he destroys the economy.

We currently have about two weeks worth of oil in our strategic reserve. He has destroyed our energy independence and put America in an unstable and dangerous predicament.

He’s doing all that while infecting our military with a woke culture, discouraging recruitment and leaving our own military without enough ammo to meet the dangerous challenges ahead.

What’s fascinating – and disgusting – to me is the ability of many Americans to transform themselves into ostriches and bury their heads in the sand.

Hamas has opened the window into the real world. How many of us are really willing to look? Progressives consider themselves to be globalists but conveniently turn themselves into isolationists when others suffer.

How little they seem to care about Ukrainian civilians being executed, Ukrainian women being raped and Ukrainian children being kidnapped and whisked away to Russia as that country tries to commit genocide.

Why should they care about Israel?

Liberals continue to believe that it can’t happen to them. They continue to believe that entities like Hamas and ISIS are just a blip on the radar of humanity.

They don’t give a single thought to those being brutalized because it’s not their problem even though they push America toward a globalist society.

“We are all one people,” they say.

BS, I say. We are not the same.

What they fail to realize is that Iran, North Korea, China, Russia and many other smaller countries are Hamas and Isis disguised as nations.

If Chinese troops were on the American mainland, you can believe there would be American babies killed, American families executed in the street, American women raped and killed.

Hamas’ hatred for Israel is no greater than the dozens of “nations” in this world who hate America and would take sincere delight in seeing Americans burned alive.

The world is not full of butterflies and rainbows no matter how hard the liberal mind wants to see it that way.

And right now, under this administration, America has never been more vulnerable to atrocity.

America could never be conquered at the end of the day. But our quality of life can be destroyed and an unbelievable amount of death, carnage and despair can easily be inflicted upon us before we can recover.

This is the stark reality that we have always lived within and we have shuffled through time with ebbs and flows of how close we have come to that reality. If America’s pain was a doomsday clock, folks we are at 11:59 p.m.

And there is only one man who has pushed our clock to the final minute and that is Joe Biden who has left us vulnerable, weak and ultimately desperate as he continues to capitulate to our enemies.

We have half of America who understands this. We have 25 percent who will never escape their delusional bubbles that make them see the world as a fantasy inclusive community.

How many of you have had at least one person come to them three days after Hamas launched their savage attacks and ask, “What’s going on?”

Really? It took you three days to catch up and you don’t know? Pay attention.

But most importantly, we have 25 percent of this nation who are our genuine enemies and they have been gaining positions of power.

Congresswoman Rashida Talib refused to make a statement about the 40 dead babies. Her staff simply blocked reporters while she rushed to the elevator smirking as the doors closed.

We know members of the “squad” have made repeated antisemitic statements and all they can say now is to ask for calm and deescalation.

After what Hamas did? Aw hell no.

I stand with Israel as I stand with Ukraine. These are two nations on the frontlines with evil and people still have the nerve to question our commitment to Ukraine when we should be thanking them for their willingness to stand up to the devil.

Russia is a terrorist nation. China is a terrorist nation. Israel is literally surrounded by people who want to bleed them into extinction. But make no mistake, America may be protected by two oceans but we are proverbially surrounded by enemies who want the same for us.


We must think about our voting choices. We must understand that those voting choices have real life consequences and that 99 percent of the time, the choice between democrats and republicans is a choice between weakness and strength.

I doubt the same Americans who choose their bubbles of ignorance will ever change and I know the enemies within our own country will continue their mission to destroy us from within.

To those who choose to ignore the dangers and vote over some false and ridiculous notion that democrats are the good guys, you are the future victims.

When some Chinese soldier or terrorist fanatic has their sword to your neck after doing unspeakable things to you and those you love, is the moment of your true awakening.

At least you’ll die finally understanding the reality of the world around you.

That will be my hope as I step over your dead body on my way to avenge your death because my eyes have always been wide open.

So the choice is simple. Yet another window to the real world has been opened. Will you look or will you run over and close the blinds?

I know what you will do so my hope, as always, is that this reaches the person or people who need it the most. So please keep sharing our truth.

There is an elephant in the room and I’m not ignoring my absence over the past few weeks. We have missed a lot of opportunities to discuss important national and local issues.

So for now, I will only say that I’m happy we are still together on this journey because that’s all that matters.

Stay vigilant my friends. Enemies of true American Conservative values are everywhere.

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