“Communist Housing” Commissioner George Kruse has betrayed voters on both a personal and ideological level.

Bradenton, FL – Career Law Enforcement Officer and local Republican Party Leader, April
Culbreath filed to restore conservative principles to the countywide seat currently held by
radical commissioner George Kruse.
Besides his personal issues, Kruse has railed against the Second Amendment, supported
Planned Parenthood, sought to socialize our local housing market, and worked to halt Manatee
County’s economic prosperity.
“George Kruse should register as a Democrat,” Republican Party of Manatee County Chair, April
Culbreath said.
“His vote to allow Planned Parenthood to continue relationships with organizations that use
our tax dollars was the last straw. As the leader of our local party and a conservative cop, it’s
time to retire Kruse to the liberal gossip columns he loves to be quoted on,” Culbreath said.
“I’m a pro-life, America First Republican and Conservative who will work together with other
local Republican leaders, not against them or our conservative agenda,” Culbreath concluded.

“I will not stand nor allow Planned Parenthood near our local tax dollars. I will proudly work to
allow county employees to exercise their Second Amendment rights. I will not allow local
government to place rent or price controls on local housing and I will proudly work with our
Sheriff to keep Manatee County safe and criminals behind bars,” Culbreath said.

About April Culbreath
April Allison Culbreath has been serving Manatee County since 1997 when she began her work
as Sheriff’s Deputy. Over the course of her 26-year career in public service, she has served in
almost every possible law enforcement capacity.
She counts her greatest accomplishments to be her services as a Crimes Against Children
detective and her work as Deputy Advisor to Manatee County youth.
April entered the political realm in 2016 when she began volunteering locally for the Republican
She has served in multiple Manatee County Republican leadership positions. Now retired from
law enforcement due to injuries sustained in the line of duty, she looks forward to continuing
public service as Manatee County Commissioner.
Together with her husband, Duane, she is raising three teenagers. April and her family are
committed to their Christian faith and to the Manatee County community.

April Allison Culbreath
(941) 920-5780

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