Why are Democrats attempting to infiltrate the Manatee County Republican Party? The Manatee Democrats are out of touch with the conservative mood of this county so they are finding wedge issues to cause Republicans to begin fighting each other.

Why are the Democrats trying to convince commissioners to give $6 million to build a homeless shelter in Northwest Bradenton. The Democrats have attempted to wrap this issue in the flag by saying some of the housing that will be built by a New York developer will be for homeless veterans. It doesn’t take a Columbia Business degree to realize that a large homeless complex is ripe for becoming a menace to the surrounding residents.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Soros backed Democrats are trying to use the environment to set Republicans against each other. 

We watched the local Democrats fight all attempts by conservative Republican commissioners to stop the growth of county bureaucracy. Each attempt by the  Republican county commissioners to reign in the county bureaucracy was lambasted by the Manatee Democrats. The Manatee Democrats have never supported smaller government. The favorite local newspapers join the Democrats in attempting to sully the names of Republican commissioners who attempt to govern as Republicans. 

Bureaucrats in Manatee County government worked against the Republican county commissioners using the same playbook the deep-state bureaucrats used against President Trump. These county employees would whisper anything negative to local online newspapers in order to thwart the conservative agenda. 

The Democrats are smart. They know their ideas like abortion until birth are not popular with our conservative community. Their game plan is to attempt to turn conservatives against each other.

They dangle the word “developer” in front of us like a bullfighter dangles a red cape in front of a bull. Think about all of the mess you see in major
cities run by Democrats. Who supports the Democrats in these major cities? Developers. 

Manatee County is fortunate to have local developers that spend their time and money getting Republicans elected in our community and our state. Do we have to agree with them on every issue? No. We must agree, however, to not support the Democrats in their battle  to elect leftists in place of our conservative Republicans. 

Democrats will fight against our commissioners. That is fine with me. That is what a free country allows. 

Just remember, don’t let them fool you into thinking they are anything else but leftists who long for the good ‘ol days when Democrats were in control.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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