Elon Musk is one of the most unique people in the world. Starting with nothing, he set a path to be involved in cutting edge battery technology. When the 3 big auto companies, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler gave up on producing electric vehicles, Musk plowed ahead. He took a floundering startup (Tesla) and through hard work, determination and engineering breakthroughs, he created a new technology that shocked the world. 

While Musk was developing Tesla, he started SpaceX and invented a reusable rocket booster system that has transformed the space industry. Musk used his SpaceX rockets to deliver hundreds of satellites into orbit which created a communications network that is one of the best in the world.

Musk also created a solar panel company that allows homeowners to store solar power and lighten the burden on the electrical grid. 

Most governments around the world celebrate Musk and the enormous help he has brought towards saving the planet.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party and Joe Biden are determined to use the legal system against Musk.

Recently, Musk bought Twitter and exposed the Biden Administration’s partnership with the former managers of Twitter in censoring conservative free speech. The magnitude of the Democrat’s assault on free speech gives China Premier Xi a run for his money. When Musk uncovered the Democrat’s scandal and declared his support for free speech for all, the Democrats in Manatee, Sarasota and Washington, DC were furious. They demanded that President Biden act against Musk.

After receiving the signal from Biden to attack Musk, the US Attorney in New York (a Biden appointee) began investigating Tesla for providing personal benefits to Musk. The Democrat controlled Justice Department in Washington DC joined the fray by beginning an investigation into Tesla over providing Tesla resources for a “secret house” for Musk.

The same Democrat controlled Justice Department also filed a complaint against SpaceX for not hiring foreign asylum seekers to work in their rocket  company. Only Biden and the Democrats would sue a company that possesses sophisticated technology because they would not hire foreign agents that could steal national security secrets for the Chinese government. The Biden administration would sue a sorority house for not hiring Ted Bundy as a security guard.

As if this was not enough, the Democrats control the Federal Trade Commission and the chairperson is Lina Khan, a leftist college professor. Lina Khan and the Democrats were furious that Musk eliminated the censorship of conservative views on Twitter. Lina Khan took her cue from the Democrats and began using her Department’s attorneys to harass Musk and Twitter with frivolous legal actions.

Not to be left out, Biden’s Labor Relations Board, which is controlled by Democrats, has filed complaints against Tesla related to the Tesla dress code. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission, which is also controlled by Democrats, is also investigating Tesla.

This is the Democrat Party which Manatee Democrats and the local media support. These people hate successful business people who do not espouse the “woke” doctirne. When you vote for Democrats, you support the party that is punishing Musk for supporting free speech for everyone. Remember, Musk is not a conservative. He is liberal on most social issues. He DOES believe in free speech for everyone and this infuriates the Democrats. 

We hear the Democrats in Manatee speak about Trump being a threat to democracy. Ironically, it is the Democrats using our legal system to punish people with different political beliefs. This used to be considered unacceptable in the free world. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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