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Tales from the Mark Side: Even CNN calls Joe Biden a liar


Load up your skis, fuel up the snowmobile, brush off the spider webs on your snow shovels and head due south to hell because it has frozen over.

The lies flowing out of this White House have gotten so bad that even CNN had to finally call it out for what it is. And it wasn’t just in passing either. The Communist News Network devoted an entire segment to Joe Biden lies.

Granted, we are talking CNN here so they omitted some of the more serious lies and were simply catching up on some of Joe Biden’s older lies that were called out by other networks weeks and months ago.

But hey, every journey begins with a first step.

CNN pointed out the older lies like Joe Biden’s phantom conversation with an AMTRAK driver who had already died well before the alleged conversation took place. They pointed out Biden’s lie about his grandfather dying in the same hospital he was born in just a few days before his birth when in fact, his grandfather died in a different state years before Joe’s mom cursed this world with his birth.

Who lies about something like that? Biden has spent his entire political career trying to convince people he’s just an, “Everyday Joe.”

It’s only taken 50 years for the likes of CNN to catch up to his basic lies.

CNN called out Biden’s lie about being arrested as a protestor and his lie about driving a semi truck – lies called out months ago by others. If I could post memes here, it would be the iconic image of Bruce Willis peeking out the window of the Nakatomi Plaza with the words, “Welcome to the party pal.”

Better late than never, I guess.

I do give CNN credit for pointing out two really disgusting lies. Biden lied about not only visiting a Pittsburg synagogue that suffered a mass shooting in 2018, but lied when he said he spoke directly to the rabbi.

He never did either.

So should we be surprised that Biden claimed he was at Ground Zero the day after the 9-11 terrorist attacks? Of course not. Biden – during his stop in Alaska to commemorate the 9-11 anniversary – told that lie to a crowd of service members and first responders.

Biden didn’t show up to Ground Zero until 9 days after the attack and came with a delegation of other worthless senators for the photo op.

CNN didn’t bother to point out the lies about Biden saying he never spoke to his son or family members about their business dealings. CNN didn’t point out the lie Biden told that his family never received money from China.

It wasn’t pointed out during an all-important interview with the Weather Channel on Aug. 9 that Biden lied when he said he’s declared a climate emergency.

Not pointed out was the lie – or a delusional fantasy – that Biden would build a railroad across the Pacific Ocean.

There’s a doozy. Wow.

CNN skipped over Biden’s lie that the majority of police officers are killed in domestic violence calls in his attempt to infuse more social workers into law enforcement. We pointed out this lie several months ago.

While domestic violence calls are inherently dangerous and unpredictable, 19 law enforcement officers were killed during these calls out of 504 line-of-duty fatalities from 2012 to 2021.

CNN ignored the lie Biden continues to tell about the wealthiest Americans paying the same amount of taxes as a firefighter or school teacher. Biden claims the richest Americans pay 3 percent, when in fact they pay 16 percent.

That figure doesn’t even touch the amount they pay in other taxes and how they keep cities afloat in local taxes, permit fees, license fees, etc.

CNN also ignored Biden’s lie about giving his uncle a purple heart for serving in WWII after Biden became VP. Even Politifact disputed the alleged timeline of Biden’s claim, could find no evidence to support the claim and received no further information from the White House after the claim was made.

As always, everytime I update the latest Biden lies, I have to stop at some point because the list is just too long.

Biden lies are like the flavor of Willie Wonka’s everlasting gobstopper. It never stops.

Leftist media outlets like Politico, CNN, Washington Post and even the NY Times aren’t doing us any favors. They completely ignore the big lies and they still lie themselves to protect the DNC.

These media puppets have never been a fan of Joe Biden because even they know he’s worthless. They just hate Conservative Americans more than they dislike Joe Biden.

They didn’t want Joe to be president and they did their best to walk a line of supporting him just enough once he got the nomination because of their hatred of Trump.

We didn’t see any prominent CNN anchors sipping champagne at Biden’s nomination party like we did when Wolf Blitzen was seen doing it at Hillary Clinton’s nomination party.

They want Joe Biden gone almost as much as the rest of us, but what they want is even worse than Biden. They would prefer a Gavin Newsome. So throwing out little tidbits of truth here and there is for their own self serving interests and certainly not America’s interests.

They want Joe Biden out of the race, but when Biden gets the nomination and it’s another Biden-Trump showdown, watch how quickly they change their tune.

So I hesitate when I say things like I did above as far as giving them credit. I’m really not. I see right through their actions because I lived it for two and a half decades.

There isn’t a tactic the media uses that I’m not familiar with. They want to nudge their democratic sheep into the direction of their choice without pushing the sheep off the cliff and into the inviting green foraging fields of the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement.

As always my fellow Patriots, there was a lot I wanted to touch on for this visit to include Sen. Fetterman’s hoodie and shorts new dress code, Fauci’s $11 million windfall from U.S. taxpayers,  how we lost a $1.7 trillion new generation fighter jet and the Useless Nations giving Iran a platform to spew hatred for us.

But CNN finally calling Biden a liar – even if it was with padded gloves – was worth a conversation even though their intent is plain as day.

Stay vigilant my friends, keep informed and keep sharing the real truth.

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