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Rapinoe, We’re Glad To See You Go

The liberal elite media is throwing a tantrum because many Americans were rooting against the US Women’s soccer team at the World Cup. The media does not remind the public why so many Americans were rooting against the US team. We watched the US team refuse to sing our national anthem while it was played before their first game. The woke leader of  the US team, Megan Rapinoe, has been a leftist crusader for years. How appropriate was it that her missed penalty shot in her last game and her subpar performance led to a devastating defeat for the US team. 

Rapinoe made a name for herself by taking a knee during the playing of our national anthem years ago. She was not satisfied with taking the knee herself, she pressured other players to join her in this snubbing of her country. She also mocked President Trump when he was in office and said she would never visit the White House while he was President. Obviously, she is not that intelligent because she was shocked that so many Americans rooted against her and her US teammates. 

PARIS, FRANCE – JUNE 16: Megan Rapinoe #15 of USA (center) and her teammates are standing for the national anthem during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France group F match between USA and Chile at Parc des Princes on June 16, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Catherine Steenkeste/Getty Images)

Many Americans remember the Chicago Cubs player who reacted differently to someone disrespecting his country. Rick Monday was playing for the Chicago Cubs in 1976 when 2 fans ran onto the field and attempted to set fire to an American flag. Monday ran over to the fans and grabbed the flag and prevented it from being burned. The whole country appreciated his  respect for the flag. Today, the liberal media watch and make excuses as citizens burn their neighborhoods and steal from neighborhood stores. 

Today, too many coddled athletes think they can disrespect the flag and suffer no consequences. Colin Kaepernick is shocked that no team would sign him after he kneeled during the national anthem. Fortunately, Americans from the “flyover states’ ‘ are ignoring the liberal media and expressing their disgust towards athletes and pop stars who disrespect the values that made our country the place that so many people around the world wish to enter. 

Back to Rapinoe. Rapinoe remembers that the USA Women’s soccer team was defeated by a 15-16 year old men’s team in a scrimmage. In spite of knowing that women cannot compete with men on the elite level, she broadcast her support for “women with -icks” being allowed to compete against women. Rapinoe, whose play gave evidence that she is not the athlete she once was, complained behind the scenes when she did not get more playing time in the Women’s World Cup competition. Her play was abysmal when she was substituted in at the end of the match against Sweden. Maybe she should have had a transgender woman take her place on the field. 

In retrospect, we are glad to see Rapinoe go. We know she will be lionized by the liberal media, but many Americans will celebrate her retirement and remember how she cost the USA Women’s team a chance to win the World Cup.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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