As I sit here in the moment, Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal is falling apart and justice may indeed move forward.

It really wasn’t a good idea for Hunter’s legal team to try to commit fraud against a federal courthouse clerk by pretending to be part of a congressman’s legal team in asking for crucial information to be removed.


In today’s episode of, “What were you thinking?” I mean, really?

It’s just a drop in the bucket of how corrupt everything is these days – or perhaps we are just waking up to just how bad it has always been in how much our legal system acts in illegal ways.

Good for this judge. She did the hard work and saw through the BS.

It, of course, also shows just how far this Biden administration and his Injustice Department will go, and just another piece of straw weighing down the proverbial camel who is ready to collapse from the weight of Biden corruption.

What will be sickening as always is the democrats who will tow the party line and dismiss the facts that tie Joe Biden to his son’s criminal actions.

I have to say House Republicans are doing an outstanding job with their investigations. Just think how close we came to not winning the House this election cycle.

These investigations would have never happened and by the time Republicans would have an opportunity to win back the House, it would be too late.

Life is a game of inches, but American history is full of such historic moments that almost never happened. These are the moments when you can smile, point to heaven and say, “I know that was you God. Thank you for still loving America though so many conspire against you.”

I was watching the fourth installment of The Matrix series the other night and I realized something in those movies I had never picked up on before regarding the red pill and blue pill.

It made me wonder if that decision to pick Republican red as choosing truth or democrat blue to continue living in an ignorant bubble was a fluke, or a Conservative making a point.

Keanu Reeves is a good American, but I don’t think he had much to do with the decision making when the first movie was made, so whoever decided that subtle pill choice was brilliant – assuming it was on purpose.

What are the odds of picking the two colors that represent the two main parties in America and assigning truth to red and fake to blue? A Conservative sneaking a political truth into Hollywood perhaps?

Conservatives will always pick the red pill. I’d wager most democrats would choose the blue pill and be happy with being plugged into the machine network and be their battery if it meant they could stay ignorant to reality.

Democrats show that the only semblance of reality that matters to them is the fake one they create.

They love The Matrix and like the guy in the first movie, if they happened to take the red pill, would regret it and plot against their fellow humans to be plugged back into The Matrix.

As the traitor said in the movie, and as most democrats say on a daily basis, “Ignorance is bliss.”

If you’re wondering, yes, I’m not an easy person to watch movies with. I critique it when necessary and can’t help to explain how closely fiction aligns with reality when it comes to human nature.

I don’t talk during the movie, but be prepared for a discussion afterwards no matter the movie.

I’ll point out every detail that couldn’t happen and every negative moment where I would say, “That’s exactly how most people are,” and provide you with a history lesson to prove my point.

I count the shots when they are fired just to point out the miracle of a six-shot pistol firing off 11 rounds or how lucky the good guy is by not getting shot even though there are dozens of guys firing automatic rifles at him as he runs a hundred yards out in the open.

I’ll say, “Wow, those guys are horrible shots.”

But I digress. Just thought I’d throw it out there that I’m not a great movie partner.

But the red pill/blue pill enlightenment was an eye opening moment and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how I didn’t see the comparison before now.

Maybe you did, and if so, congratulations and maybe we should see a movie together after all.

The wheels of justice are turning for the Bidens, my friends. There is hope that the truth will prevail and I know that at this very moment in time, Jill Biden is changing Joe Biden’s diapers because he has to be crapping in his pants.

As House Republicans have been trying to tell the American people, this isn’t about Hunter Biden. This is truly about Joe Biden’s corruption.

The White House is already shifting gears and now saying that their president was never “in” business with his son after three years of Joe saying he never even talked about his son’s business.

Joe Biden is a proven liar. Elected democrats are one thing, but I still hold out hope that average everyday American democrats will realize that this is not what they banked on when they cast their ballot for Biden.

For all the elected democrats who will continue to lie to you and for all those democrats who are willing to swallow those lies, here’s your blue pill. You chose ignorance.

Stay vigilant my friends. Keep informed and keep helping us in our personal battle against the Big Tech Matrix who limits our exposure by sharing our truth. Share and invite your like minded friends to our journey. We are the red pill.

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