As the GOP primary field grows, it’s just proof that if a politician runs for office you are either a narcissist, one in the making or have the narcissistic tendency lying dormant, ready to be awakened.

We see that in our local politics a lot where the candidate comes off as a genuine everyday Manatee County working class citizen and then thinks an election win elevates them to royalty.

They shake your hand, call you a friend and then ghost you after the election. Don’t think I’ll forget that, but that’s for another time.

Clearly, it gets much worse as a politician begins to climb the political ladder to national offices.

Not all politicians suffer from this infliction, but let’s be honest, most do.

You almost have to be a narcissist to survive the spotlight where your skeletons come crashing out of the closet and yet, you somehow find a way to convince yourself – and others – that it was not only not your fault but someone else’s.

Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie is a fine example of a narcissistic politician with his entry into the GOP nomination process with absolutely no chance of winning.

Why do people like Christie bother?

Christie’s scandalous tenure as NJ governor is well known like the Bridgegate scandal where Christie shut down the George Washington Bridge that connects Fort Lee to Manhattan because the Fort Lee mayor didn’t endorse him.

Full disclosure, I spent my high school years in Fort Lee, NJ so I know well the headache that must have caused.

Christie is better known for his family photos at a NJ state beach, which he ordered shut down during a government shutdown and took advantage of the closure to take his entire family to a beach closed to the public.

In short, Christie is an ass.

He’s a man that doesn’t comprehend his limits. And despite being a large man, he has a small, albeit a brilliant mind. I mean brilliant in the sense of a super villain.

I’m a guy who knows my limits and knows I wouldn’t make a good president – at least for a lot of people. Believe it or not, I did make a brief, half-hearted run for president in 2004.

My intent was to create the Party Party and run as a third party write-in candidate. I was a Conservative op-ed writer in Wyoming at the time – just one of many hats I wore back then as a journalist.

I had more than a few pledged votes and raised a total of 35 cents and three pieces of candy for my campaign effort.

I know my limits because I would have been the kind of president that would see a group of people burning American flags and I’d introduce them to a hellfire missile. That includes here in the USA.

Burn my flag and I’ll burn your body. Fair trade.

I’d probably also correct the failings of America’s two invasions of Canada in 1775 and 1812 and ensure we did it right this time.

And don’t get me started on how I’d handle the southern border. I’d invade Mexico. Problem solved. In fact, I’d probably just take over the western hemisphere altogether.

So I’m getting off track here, but as I said, I know my limits and I realize I don’t have the temperament to be a global leader when my internal ambitions are global conquest.

But if you think about it, I’d achieve what all these globalists want in the creation of one global community. It’s just that my vision would make the one globe philosophy a one America reality.

Anywho, I digress.

Christie has become the kind of RINO who has been exposed by our President Donald J. Trump. He’s just another wannabe Conservative who got butt hurt and his narcissistic drive just can’t handle it. So he has the need to jump into the spotlight and try to exact some revenge against the guy who hurt his little feelings.

I can see why Nikki Haley and Tim Scott got in the race and I certainly understand Ron DeSantis wanting to take advantage of political momentum following his historic Florida win.

If Trump and DeSantis weren’t in this race, I’d have no issue with Haley or Scott being a frontrunner. I love them both, especially Scott.

It was an early indication that the GOP’s bench put the democratic bench, as well as its actual leadership in the political dust. It’s just not even a competition as far as actual qualifications to be president.

But the GOP is mucking things up again and it all comes down to narcissism for people like Christie, Asa Hutchinson, Larry Elder, Doug Burgum and Vivek Ramaswamy.

I like Ramaswamy, but his foreign policy is dangerous and he completely lost me when he announced that Ukraine should just give up its war against Russia and that the U.S. should appease Russia.

Huh? Are you even a Conservative or a foreign spy? Moron.

Elder is clearly a narcissist. After his embarrassing loss in California and how quickly he moved on to TV commercials, no thanks. He has no chance so why? Again, narcissist.

Hutchinson is running as an anti-Trump candidate so he can go screw himself. No chance whatsoever.

Burgum is … umm … er … who?

And poor Mike Pence who said he would give his decision to run a lot of prayer. He said God would guide him. It’s not God guiding Mike into this race. It’s his own narcissism that is doing that.

God is probably like most of us Trump and/or DeSantis supporters and just sitting back, rolling our eyes and asking, “What are you thinking?” No chance whatsoever.

And don’t get me wrong, I still like Pence and think he’s a good man. In a different universe, he’d be an OK president but it’s not a different universe. It’s currently the bizarro universe and only two men stand a chance to get us back to normal.

Those two men are leading the field – by a lot and my only hope is that they find a way to work together when the nastiness of this primary season comes to an end.

Hopefully they realize that both are not only good for Americans, but together, they are great for Americans.

It’s early. A lot can happen. There are instances in history where a low performing candidate suddenly emerges as the nominee. It’s why some of these people get in and stay in for far too long. It’s called hope. I get that.

Jimmy Carter did it in the 70s and Biden came out of nowhere after getting smoked in the first two primary states in the 2020 race simply because the democratic field was so horrible.

If we base anything on those two instances of a low polling candidate becoming the winner, do we really want to chance it happening to us? I’d prefer not to roll those dice.

Trump/DeSantis 2024. It’s all I want for Christmas this year.

Stay vigilant my friends. Keep informed and please keep sharing our truth.

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