Let’s face facts, when it comes to anger, liberals rule the roost.

They are angry about everything and are dramatically more likely to resort to violence – mob violence in particular, because they are generally cowards on their own – than Conservatives.

The proof is in the pudding as far as what we’ve seen in the city wide riots, acts of violence or vandalism at churches, ecoterrorism, trans-activism acts of vandalism at Republican state legislators’ homes, and unruly liberal protests at state capitol buildings that far outnumber acts of aggression by a few knuckleheads on Jan. 6.

Truth be told, there were a number of things I wanted to get to for our visit today, to include Biden’s announcement he wants to die of old age while president and the departure of two of Fox News’ most popular talking heads.

But as I was doing some research, I came across an interesting piece in the American Enterprise Institute that I couldn’t resist sharing with you.

It coincides somewhat with what I bring up often, which is the science behind liberal mental illness. I was reminded recently, that I bring it up a lot, but it was a piece I did early on in our journey so it’s worth a quick reminder why I say it so much that liberalism is a mental disorder.

For those that remember, and for those who don’t, the study that proves liberalism is a mental disorder was conducted by a liberal scientist following the election of Donald Trump.

This particular scientist set out to prove Conservatives were mentally ill because he just couldn’t understand how Trump got elected. He, of course, proved that it is liberals who suffer from a form of mental illness.

The scientist proved that Conservative brains process information through the brain’s rational thought process while liberals do not.

The piece I did was more complex, but that’s essentially the summary.

So the study offered up in the AEI collaborates the other study by looking at how liberals and Conservatives view their overall happiness and mental health and the results shouldn’t surprise you.

In numbers that are two-to-one, liberals are far more unhappy with their lives and current mental health than Conservatives.

The study states that liberal women, aged 18-55, are “significantly less likely to be happy with their lives and satisfied with their mental health,” than Conservative women in the same age group.

It might explain the constant shrilling, triggered screaming at Conservatives we see on video all the time by liberal women, but I digress.

In short, 85 percent of liberal women are unhappy with their lives and their state of mental health. Liberal men are slightly better with 81 percent being unhappy with their lives and 79 percent unhappy with their mental health.

I’d say that’s a pretty significant finding and the only surprising aspect of this study is that liberals are willing to acknowledge their mental health deficiencies, however without the willingness to acknowledge a mental illness.

For what it’s worth, liberal women are also significantly less likely to be happy with their married lives than Conservative women and liberal women are significantly less likely to get married than Conservative women.

That matters, too, and I’ll explain why in a minute.

So this, of course, got me asking myself, “Well Self, why do you think they are so dang unhappy?”

It was some easy research to find. In fact, I was a little surprised at the sheer number of articles out there on why liberals are so unhappy.

But I’ll go with some theories outlined by a local columnist in Ohio because his theories fall into line with what I was already thinking.

I call them “theories” in name only, however, because if you look at how liberals self-confess their unhappiness, it isn’t a far toss to say they are more likely facts.

The first “fact” as to why liberals are so unhappy relates to the final part of the previous study that found liberals are far less likely to marry and have families than Conservatives.

And that also ties into the fact that liberals are less patriotic and less religious, as well as less likely to find love in their lives whether it’s love of a spouse or love for children.

In short, God, love of country and family values are severely lacking in the liberal mentality and lifestyle. And those liberal women who do marry, are far less happy in their married and/or family life.

If you don’t have a relationship with God, it’s human nature to drift toward the worship of false idols, such as money, power or government. Liberals are far more likely to view the government as their “god,” and tend to rely on the government to provide them with what they think they need and feel a sense of “worship” when they think of government.

Liberals also tend to live their lives in fear, but fears without merit, such as climate change and COVID where they put 100 percent of their faith into fake science driven by the almighty dollar.

I ran across several editorials that also brought up a great point. Liberals were supposed to be ecstatic about getting Biden into office, and yet survey after survey shows that they are still miserable.

They should be given the damage they have all done to our country, but that’s not why they remain unhappy.

They remain unhappy because they are mentally ill.

They dwell in their houses of hate and anger and that defines their existence. Liberals hate the notion of God, they hate America and most of all, they hate us.

But the key fact in all of this, is that they don’t really know why and that, my friends, is certainly a symptom of mental illness.

So let’s summarize here:

  1. Why do liberals think the way they do? Mental illness.
  2. Why do liberals act the way they do? Mental illness.
  3. Why do liberals vote the way they do? Mental illness.
  4. Why are liberals so easily manipulated? Mental illness.
  5. Why do some liberals still believe the Russian collusion hoax is real? Mental illness.
  6. Why did liberals elevate someone like “Dr.” Fauci to the level of a scientific “god”? Mental illness.

And so on and so on.

So the bottom line as always, my fellow Patriots, if we don’t unite our majority to overcome the mentally ill minority at the ballot box, then we cannot complain when the mentally ill take charge of the insane asylum.

As I have always, and will continue to argue, Republicans will only lose when it’s Republicans shooting one another and themselves in the foot by putting petty differences and personal egos over the country itself.

Unite, my friends. There are plenty of Republicans I disagree with on various and minor issues, but if it’s between a Republican and a mentally ill liberal, it really shouldn’t be a debate when it comes to saving America.

Stay vigilant my friends, keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

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