Just when I think liberals couldn’t possibly do something more dumb, they have a “hold my beer” moment and do just that.

There is a lot of talk about whether this is a demo-rat strategy to ensure Trump is nominated because Joe Biden believes he can repeat the 2020 election victory, although “victory” is a word that could be debated.

Demo-rats also are masters at distraction and there are some who say this is just another shiny Russian collusion distraction that so successfully turned America’s attention away from the leaked DNC emails that exposed their arrogance and corruption.

I’m still flabbergasted at just how successful that was. Demo-rats love shiny objects and the very emails they were distracted from, outlined how the demo-rat elites can easily manipulate their base.


But all you have to do is look at the protestors who went to the courthouse to celebrate Trump’s humiliation. If you caught Jessie Waters on Tuesday night, not a single liberal nutcase could explain why they were there.

With the exception of the one black female in white face who kept screaming, “Kill all white people,” that is.

At least she knew why she was there.

There’s a news clip that won’t go anywhere. Imagine if a white Trump supporter showed up in black face to shout, “Kill all black people.”

It would be put on a video loop on all the liberal propaganda news outlets.

As it was, I saw one of the headlines on one of those liberal channels say, “Republicans step up racist attacks on Alvin Bragg.”


What racist attacks? Last I checked we were rightfully calling Bragg an idiot but I certainly haven’t heard a single Conservative use a racial slur about him.

But as I have said many times over, racism no longer exists as a defined term anymore because it’s overused for everything. This same channel never mentioned the black girl in white face screaming to murder all white people.

Also as I have pointed out, actual racism can never be resolved until there is an acknowledgment that it works both ways.

So what is the real demo-rat strategy here because there is one. I think the argument about distracting the American people from inflation, soaring illegal immigration, a renewal of the opioid epidemic, Afghanistan, our emboldened enemies planning the destruction of America, homegrown policies already destroying America is legitimate.

Distract and misinform are the bread and butter of the liberal playbook.

I also think that there is some truth to the left’s belief that they want Trump to win the nomination because they believe they can cheat – er, I mean win – again in 2024 against Trump.

But I think this was more of a legitimate attempt by the demo-rats to humiliate Trump and his base in order to remove him from the election equation.

Bragg, after all, was elected on the promise to “Get Trump.”

For that reason alone, this case should be dismissed.

But make no mistake about this. Bragg was under intense pressure from the DNC to make this happen and as we already know, the DNC wouldn’t think twice about ruining Bragg’s career as long as they got the temporary distraction they needed.

Bragg is a fall guy in this scenario and he doesn’t even know it yet. He’s an idiot and he’s being used.

But if you needed more proof that the DNC – and likely the Biden administration – was behind this, then let’s take a look at Lanny Davis.

Davis is a former attorney for former Trump attorney Michael Cohen who, as a convicted perjurer and pathological liar, is at the heart of Bragg’s case against Trump.

I know, I know. Try not to laugh at the sheer lunacy of it all.

Davis threw a big pile of poo into the fan when he admitted to Politico – a fairly liberal outlet – that he is responsible for getting Bragg to make up a case where there is none.

Davis has strong connections to the Clintons and was the so-called “source” when it came to alleged comments Trump made that was investigated by Mueller into Trump although virtually all of Davis’ “sourced” information was false.

What happened to lying to the FBI being a crime?

Davis, of course, represented Cohen during the Mueller investigation, which ultimately proved there was no Russian collusion.

Davis is responsible for spreading the rumor that Trump’s sons had met with Russian operatives when Trump was a candidate.

Davis essentially admitted he had put this Trump probe into motion, but let’s not forget about the Hillary Clinton attorney who quit his job as a lucrative law firm to join Bragg’s office with the sole purpose of pursuing criminal charges against Trump.

This is the so-called attorney that quit Bragg’s office when Bragg correctly realized he had no case. Then came the pressure from the DNC and Bragg is unknowingly throwing away his career to do their bidding.

Not that anyone will be sad when Bragg’s career comes to an end. 

Trump warned a DNC operative was involved prior to the indictment, but the media once again mocked him.

Is anyone else tired of Trump being right about everything? Not me.

The only great thing about the Biden administration and the coming out party of the looney left is that they have severely overestimated the effectiveness of their playbook.

A NY district attorney has made America a laughing stock to our enemies and has eroded America’s influence to our allies. That is self-evident in messages from leaders across the globe.

The world is losing faith in America and liberals could care less as long as they hold power.

Once again, in their desperate and pathetic attempt to hold that power, liberals have weakened America in a way that only a man like the one they are attacking can fix.

This political circus playing out for all to see is a dark moment in America’s history. The damage that has been done in a few short years is immeasurable. We won’t survive another liberal administration.

American currency will become worthless when the world turns away from it, as they are already doing. America will become a third world country begging other countries for help – and few will. China will not only invade Taiwan, but has every ability to defeat our current woke military.

What happened Tuesday in downtown Manhattan had a global impact, but the liberals can’t see beyond their own self-interest bubbles. Their actions will cost the rest of us.

So as you know, I don’t endorse during Republican primaries, but I will say this much: If Trump wins the nomination and you vote against him, you are voting America into extinction.

I see a lot of Trump haters like Jeb Bush even saying this is wrong. Well I’ll remind Bush and other sensitive Republicans that your vote for Biden or your refusal to vote at all has put us in this mess.

2024 is your chance for redemption.

Stay vigilant my friends. It’s going to get even crazier. Keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

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