The latest media and democrat barrage about “assault” rifles and “weapons of war” following the tragic shooting at the private Covenant Elementary School in Nashville had me up all night.

I stood vigil over my own firearms all night trying to catch them in the act of leaving my home and hurting people.

They are sneaky little creatures and must have known that I had one eye open in the dark waiting for them to make their move. They didn’t budge all night. They just sat there.

Just in case, I’m going to put a camera on them for now just so I can sleep in peace so that I know they don’t escape and do harm.

I’m also going to monitor my truck so it doesn’t sneak out and go drunk driving. I’m putting a camera on my silverware too, just in case a fork gets up in the middle of the night and feeds me against my will.

I’ve reinforced the barriers around my pool so it doesn’t come into the house to drown me and put my smokes under lock and key so they don’t jump into my mouth. I’ve warned my lighters not to cooperate with them.

When are we going to wake up to the dangers all of these inanimate objects represent to our safety? I’m so glad the media and democrats are on the job.

Without them, statues would have come to life and started another Civil War. Thank goodness the Washington Commanders changed their name from Redskins. The decision has successfully changed history.

And Lordy, it’s a good thing we took action against the Confederate Battle Flag because that action totally ended racism once and for all.

A somewhat new phrase was introduced heavily after the Nashville shooting that even Fox News used a lot: An assault-style rifle.

An assault-style rifle?


“Assault” is just another word like racism that has become the pizza dough of the English language. It’s been pounded, stretched and manipulated into something completely different than its origin.

What I’m tired of – which will come to no surprise to you – is the faux outrage by those on the left. Joe Biden was more interested in talking about ice cream before he brought up the tragedy.

He mentioned the ice cream being served first and then went into his faux outrage about the shooting and then immediately laughed as he got back on script about other matters.

It reminded me of his faux compassion for the 13 Americans being unloaded in flag-draped coffins while he checked his watch over and over again as though he had better places to be than at the arrival of 13 Americans he murdered.

The guy just sickens me to my core.

It’s no surprise how quickly the left jumps to conclusions and it’s so predictable how quickly these tragedies are politicized.

It is a little surprising how quickly Joe Biden, the media and the left specifically blamed Republicans for the shooting.

It went from a deranged person being responsible to assault-style rifles being responsible to Republicans being responsible in a matter of minutes.

It was also a little surprising how quickly the left turned on the media who were just reporting that the shooter was a transgender person – or more specifically a woman who called herself a man.

The number of loony lefties that began calling Conservatives trans haters simply because the media was reporting the facts was astonishing.

What was supposed to be reported? Would liberals feel better if the media said Bugs Bunny did it?

Democratic press secretary for Ariz. Gov. Katie Hobbs, Josselyn Berry immediately tweeted out a meme of a woman holding two guns with the caption: Us when we see transphobes.

So if I’m following her liberal logic, she’s essentially saying that if a transgender person murders children, you aren’t allowed to say it’s a transgender person, and if you do then you are the one that should be murdered?

Sounds about right for liberal logic.

Why am I surprised, right? It’s just the crazy world we live in these days. It’s what we get when we put liberals in charge.

The term, “Elections have consequences,” used to mean something simple like when democrats are in charge there will be more of our money used for social welfare programs. When Republicans are in charge, our defense is built back up and we keep more of our own money.

Ah, the good old days.

Now elections have much more severe consequences. We either get a Conservative administration that makes America great or an insane America-destroying liberal administration where we get accused of doing the things they are doing.

There just isn’t an in-between anymore except when it comes to convenient words the left likes to throw out there to make some kind of political impact.

Assault weapons, racism, sexism, transphobia, truth and more just don’t mean what they used to mean. They mean whatever the left wants them to mean. Last I checked, that’s not how words work.

Remember when people used to say things like, “Words matter,”? 

Do they? Not when you butcher their meanings and certainly not when you start using watered down versions of them like, “assault style.”

Breaking news: “A woman style man used an assault style rifle to shoot six people with metal style objects at an educational style facility that worshiped a supreme being style entity.”

That’s where we are heading when we cross that bridge of not only using dangerous and inaccurate rhetoric but also finding a way to use that same rhetoric in a manner that doesn’t apply but is close enough to use the word, “style.”

As usual, it’s nonsense and takes away from real tragedies in the same way the misuse of the word racism devalues a real societal concern.

Did you see the video of the Trump appointed federal judge being shouted down by triggered law liberals at Stanford? 

Did you hear the particularly triggered liberal female’s shrill voice in the background screaming over and over again, “Your racism is showing!” as the judge just tried to say he was an invited guest?

Where exactly was the racism? It’s like the boy who cried wolf. Scream it often enough and no one is going to care anymore, to include when actual acts of racism do occur.

The deconstruction of important and impactful words degrades the human condition. We are no longer experiencing evolution. We have peaked and are now devolving.

Well, not us. But definitely the left whose mental disorders have gone untreated for too long. As long as these people remain in the driver’s seat, the next stop is human extinction.

We will go from a technologically and spiritually advanced species to cave painting Neanderthals in a matter of a few generations.

Is it even OK to say Neanderthal these days? I don’t want any Neanderthal hate mail so I’ll take my own advice and stay vigilant, stay informed and will share our truth.

I’ll close by offering my prayers to the families of those killed by yet another nutcase whose mental disorder should have been flagged before she was ever allowed to buy guns in the first place.

I, like any normal person, am heartbroken over this and there are fairly simple solutions to avoid these kind of tragedies if our governments were actually willing to stop spending money on stupid stuff and spend it wisely.

But don’t show me your liberal faux outrage over firearms when you say nothing about the thousands of American children being murdered by China and Mexican cartels who are sending fentanyl over our open border with the clear intent to kill young Americans.

If liberals aren’t willing to express their outrage about that, then they haven’t earned the right to say a word about anything else.

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