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Tales from the Mark Side: Trust the government? I don’t think so


I was watching live when EPA Administrator Michael Regan tried to tell the residents of East Palestine Ohio to, “Trust the government.”

I had the same reaction as if watching my beloved NY Giants driving down the field only to throw an interception in the endzone. I came out of my chair and somewhat screamed at the TV, “What the **** just happened!”

Unlike that scenario, I began laughing after Regan said it. I just couldn’t believe he uttered those infamous words in the midst of yet another government failure.

The only thing I still get surprised about anymore when it comes to this administration’s failures is the fact that I still get surprised about it.

Ronald Reagan summed it up best when he said the most terrifying nine words in the English language is to hear, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

It just reminds me of the temptation of Christ. When the government appears, I see the devil.

Don’t get me wrong, the government serves a purpose. The problem with government is that it’s represented by people and as we’ve seen time and again, they are more often than not, not the brightest bulbs on the tree.

Especially when it’s a tree decorated by democrats.

Government officials tend to show up in big black SUVs. It would be more appropriate for democrats to show up in a short yellow bus.

Kamala Harris would love that.

As you probably know, the government is telling folks that all is well. The only people that have to worry are the ones on well water and they can call for free testing.

Except most of those with well water who are calling for help, can’t seem to get a hold of anyone.

Tragically, we all know this will not end well. It will take a decade or two, but this poisoning of an entire community will start to take its toll and East Palestine will likely be studied as a cancer cluster in the future.

Doesn’t do them a lot of good at the moment. And of course, the savior of transportation who couldn’t manage a small bus line in his Indiana hometown is absent without leave once again.

His excuse is that he has to oversee other things and that the gassing of an American town is just another one of a thousand train derailments.


Kudos to the East Palestine mayor who said, at this point Pete Buttigiege isn’t welcome.

I’m not one to promote violence and don’t condone it until it’s absolutely necessary, but if I was a resident of East Palestine and saw that obnoxious, incompetent used car salesman of a politician show up weeks later, I’d be hard pressed not to slap the stupid out of him.

The little lady in my life works very hard to make sure I don’t do that when we go out for some drinking and dancing because running into stupid people is inevitable every time you venture out the door, much less at a bar.

I don’t think her awesome ability to bring me back from the brink of darkness and back into the light would work in that scenario.

I’m not even sure she would try to stop me if that was happening in our neighborhood.

And yet, Buttigiege continues to be talked about as a future democratic presidential nominee.

Might as well, right? After all, in the last 20 years the democrats have elected a community organizer and the real life version of Sideshow Bob as presidents.

And let’s not forget our Pennsylvania democrats who sent a stroke victim to the Senate who has missed two thirds of the votes, hasn’t written a single piece of legislation and is currently hospitalized for depression.

Wishing Fetterman well, but geezus, what were they thinking?

I ask that question a lot when it comes to democrats, though. “What were they thinking?”

So no Mr. EPA Administrator. We don’t trust the government, especially this one. Perhaps the consistent 40 percent who vote for higher taxes to pay for a bigger government trusts you, but us normal folk never will.

It’s exactly why we remain vigilant, stay informed and spread our truth.

And it’s exactly why this great Conservative movement whose ranks have swelled during the Great Awakening, won’t rest until we have reclaimed the American values so many have fought and died to maintain.

You can take your, “Trust the government,” and coat it in Carolina Reaper Pepper juice and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Save it for the sheep. We just aren’t having it.

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