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Tales from the Mark Side: Vetting books does not make Manatee County ‘Nazi Germany’


I was a little surprised when the lone liberal on Fox News’ The Five mentioned Manatee County this week regarding complying with the new Florida law that school districts must ensure reading materials don’t contain the continued moral attack on America.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that some of our teachers had attempted to hide certain materials from scrutiny nor was I surprised to see this little common sense piece of legislation turn into an uproar.

We live in a time when I can go outside and say, “It’s a beautiful day,” only to hear someone else say, “How dare you! How do you know it’s not a handsome day! Sexist Pig!”

I’ve seen some not so shocking statements as of late from people who I thought were smart folks. Things like, “Manatee County is Nazi Germany!”

Umm, no. Manatee County is not invading Poland and not rounding up Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and the disabled for extermination.

If we could stop making the reference to Nazi Germany every time we stub our toe, that would be great.

Manatee County, like every other county in Florida, is simply taking steps to adhere to a common sense law.

Have so many already forgotten the kind of books that have been found in school libraries across the country?

Books that lead children to believe that it’s OK to have sex with other children? Books that lead children to believe that it’s OK to have sex with adults? Books that confuse young minds about gender identity that have no business in a school library?

Books that go into great detail with diagrams about sex in general within elementary school libraries?

This isn’t book burning. It’s parents taking back control of what and how their children are taught. It’s really that simple so over complicating it is such a today thing to do.

Does that sound like Nazi Germany? Nonsense. 

The only question here is who were the teachers trying to hide specific books and what books were they? If they were trying to hide them, I’d really like to know what they were.

There is also a national uproar about Gov. DeSantis banning a proposed new curriculum on African American Studies.

It’s a great title isn’t it? On the surface I have no problem with the concept. I don’t mind students learning about various cultures, but that’s not what this does.

I don’t have a problem with the majority of the curriculum until it gets deep into the studies that focus on white supremacy and being a black queer.

I didn’t say that. the curriculum does.

It goes on to focus on the essence of Critical Race Theory and supports socialism and marxism.

It’s just another Build Back Better or so-called Infrastructure bill that does very little for infrastructure. You can name these kinds of things anything you want so if anyone opposes it, they look like the bad old racist guy because you – on the surface – oppose African American Studies.

But we don’t oppose an educational curriculum. We oppose manipulation. We oppose being lied to. We oppose educators who don’t believe in actual education.

If there are any similarities to Nazi Germany here it’s the ongoing telling of the Big Lie and using the liberal media to manipulate the masses.

The biggest complaint I’m hearing on this book vetting process is how long it’s going to take. Too bad. When it comes to our children, take your time and get it right.

If little Johnny has to wait to read “Run Spot Run,” to avoid opening up a so-called children’s book featuring a grown man having a romantic relationship with a child, then we can wait and so can little Johnny.

I am concerned, however, about this so-called volunteer effort to speed up the process. Who will these volunteers be? Can they approach this important task without political and personal bias to ensure what our children read is actually educational?

I doubt it. Not in today’s world.

Who will vet the volunteers?

As some “educators” continue on this destructive path of political and immorally social agenda, American students are suffering and lagging behind the rest of the world in actual education.

The U.S. now scores below the global average in math, and significantly behind other developed countries. We are only slightly above the global average in science, but again, far behind other developed countries who once trailed the U.S.

Hovering near or below average should never be acceptable in the U.S.

The only job our educators have is to teach the basics of education that leads to a path of higher education. Yep, that pesky old reading, writing and arithmetic thing.

Everything else is up to the parents and the greatest teacher of all: Life.

Kids have enough trouble navigating their youth. It’s not an easy time as each child begins the journey of self discovery while battling peer pressure and other social battles of the K-12 years.

It’s not up to school administrators to take it upon themselves to talk to kids about trans awareness or have the audacity to tell a child they should feel guilty because of their skin color.

That kind of nonsense is what started this awesome parental movement to take back control of their children’s education.

This Florida law – as well as the banning of this ridiculous African American Studies fraud – is the result of that movement.

Parents caring about their children’s education and ensuring sensitive social matters remain a discussion in the household and not the classroom, is not book burning. It’s being responsible.

These so-called smart people just looking for something new to be outraged about is a prime example of what real life teaches you outside of school.

The school’s job is to educate you, but life determines whether you are gifted with common sense. Let’s be honest here, how many book smart people do you know who severely lack common sense?

Liberals are a fine example of that, but the common sense ship sailed for a lot of people way before they were able to climb aboard.

This whole argument is a fine example of that difference between people who want to implement common sense and those who just want to find new ways to be triggered because they lack common sense.

Get over yourselves. It’s not about you. It’s about the children. The parents have spoken and they will not be denied.

Lordy, I spend most of my days shaking my head at the stupidity in this world these days so stay vigilant out there my fellow Patriots, as we navigate the latest minefield of faux outrage.

We will need to be vigilant, aware and informed as this process moves forward and we must monitor this process to ensure woke “volunteers” and teachers don’t infect the effort to do what’s right for the children of Manatee County.

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