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Don’t Let The Woke Ruin Our Country

How much “woke” are we as a nation going to accept? It seems every month the elitist college professors tell our nation how we should change our behavior and become “woke.” Stanford University is the latest elitist education institution to give the poor uneducated “flyover” people an updated vocabulary list.

Of course, the first word that is prohibited is “American.” By using this term in reference to ourselves we are discriminating against Latin and South Americans.

Never tell someone you went to a “walk-in” clinic. You would be discriminating against those with disabilities.

Please don’t refer to “grandfathering” someone in because years ago the “Grandfather Clause” was a vehicle used to deny minorities the right to vote.

Don’t go to school for a “Masters degree” because that term connotes slavery.

Don’t “kill two birds with one stone” or you will be at risk of censure from an Audubon Society member for promoting cruelty to animals.

Don’t refer to a fireman  being “brave” because that promotes a “savage” stereotype.

Stanford is a university that takes many bright young people and “prepares” them to be leaders. Do you wonder why so many authoritarian regimes around the world no longer fear the United States? They realize who we are choosing to be our future leaders and they watch how we are training them. Try and write a conservative essay for a  college application and see if you get accepted into an “elite” university. 

We are currently watching an example of the new future leaders in Sam Bankman-Fried, the child of two Stanford Law professors who are ardent supporters of leftist political causes. Their son, Sam, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After graduation, Sam decided to invent a new crypto-currency. After finding enormous success he stated that he was going to use his wealth to fund “effective altruism.” Many major investors gave billions of dollars to Bankman-Fried’s investment schemes. 

Bankman- Fried quickly realized how to play the game with major investors in the United States. Bankman- Fried was recorded stating that his altruistic comments were part of a “dumb game we westerners play where we say all the right shibboleths and so everyone likes us.”

Billions of dollars have been lost to this con man because so many people have fallen for the “woke” crap.

Recently, the “wokeness” entered the US Marine Corps when the Corps leadership commissioned an academic report from the University of Pittsburgh. The resulting recommendation from the University was that the Marine Corps should ban the use of “sir” and “ma’am” by marines. Why would the Marine Corps need to go to a leftist university to get advice on how to make sure no one ever offends a transgender marine?

How many young people have struggled during their teen years with a lack of purpose? Many such people have entered the Marines and were taught discipline and given a purpose in life. Many returned home and shocked their acquaintances by their sharp appearance and manners. 

Now some college professor believes the practice of manners should be ended. Too many Americans (I’m not sorry if I offended someone) have accepted the “woke” culture. We have watched it infiltrate our schools and our local community foundations. We have politely turned the other cheek. For our children and grandchildren we must be brave (I’m not sorry if I offended someone) and rebel against these attempts to ruin the culture that made our country a world leader. Let’s expose these woke people for what they are: dogs barking at a passing train. As the old proverb goes, “the dogs bark but the train keeps running.”

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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