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Award Winning Payroll

Secure HR, LLC was recently recognized as 2022 Best of Bradenton in the Payroll Service category.  “We were honored to receive this award.  It validates our service model, which is to above all else, provide excellent customer service.  Our clients are our top priority”, stated David Figueroa, Secure HR’s Payroll and Operations Manager.  Secure HR started in 2017.  Figueroa shared how the company was formed to fill a void in the payroll industry.  “One-size payroll solutions don’t work.  We work with our clients to create the right solution for their specific needs.”  Secure HR provides the necessary customer service where most payroll companies fall short.  “ADP and other payroll companies have great platforms, but their customer service is poor at best.  We fill that gap.  We provide the level of service business owners need when it comes to their payroll needs” continued Figueroa.  It is in this way that Secure HR provides world-class payroll, with first-class service.

David Figueroa, Payroll and Operations Manager at Secure HR.

First-class service doesn’t have to come at high first-class prices.  “The great thing about what we offer, is you don’t have to pay more to get access to our service.  Our volume allows us to create discounts with various payroll companies and in most cases, save our customers money while receiving our higher level of service”, explained Figueroa.

Secure HR offers more than just payroll.  “Payroll is at the center of many calculations including insurance.  We offer access to pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance.  The amount of workers’ compensation premium a business is required to pay is tied to the type of risk and size of your payroll.”  Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation helps employers pay for only the amount of insurance they need without large down payments and many times without the complexity of annual payroll audits. 

David Figueroa in front of the rule #1 of taking care of customers sign.

“Payroll headaches are something business owners share regardless of how many employees they have”, Figueroa commented.  Secure HR customers range in size from just one employee to several hundred.  “Regardless of the size and complexity, we find most business owners just want the peace of mind that having a service provider like Secure HR there to help and to take care of all the burdensome and complex tasks from quarterly tax filing to processing and paying things like child support.” 

“We are always expanding our online presence, but it’s having a friendly voice on the other end of a call instead of having to navigate multiple prompts by an auto attendant our clients seem to like the most.”  Figueroa continues, “That goes for our prospects too.  We are easy to reach – whether you fill out a form online to learn more about our services or would prefer to talk it through on the phone to feel more comfortable, we are here to help.”  Secure HR customers report their payroll online, can enter new employees directly, have access to a variety of reports, and get a free employee portal.  Figueroa explains, “Our customers don’t often have to call, but when they do, they expect someone to answer the phone and help them.  Not wait on hold for 30 minutes.”

Located in Bradenton, Florida, Secure HR customers span many industries from hospitality to construction. “We work with many types of companies.  Even though they may be in completely different industries, they all want basically the same thing and that is the comfort and security of having someone like Secure HR there to help and make sure they stay in compliance and their taxes are paid.”, explained Figueroa. “With features like free direct deposit and employee portals, we can provide our services to customers pretty much anywhere.”

David Figueroa assisting at a desk in the payroll department.

If you would like to contact Secure HR, their website is securehr.com, their phone number is 855-899-1589, or email David at david@securehr.com

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